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Sara Santamaria Colmenero


Sara Santamaria Colmenero


I am interested in the public uses of colonial past in European societies and the ways in which the memory of violent colonial past is constructed, processed and transmitted within the European Union. I deal with Memory Studies, Cultural History and the Theory of History.

Currently I am working in a postdoctoral research project co-funded by the DFF (Danish Council for Independent Research) and the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. The project analyses new narratives about the colonial past, specifically the Spanish imperial past in Africa, and compare them with the cultural memories of the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s dictatorship. I combine the field of memory studies and postcolonial theory in order to examine how these intellectuals come to terms with the colonial past and how this past interacts with global narratives of violence and victims. As a historian I study the interaction between texts and contexts on the basis of the discursively mediated character of experience.

In my teaching I am interested in exploring how the racialized, gendered, classed (etc.) 'Other' is constructed through discourse and power relations in different contexts and how these processes of identification intersect. I am concerned with how the 'Other' is produced (and become different) through processes of discrimination.



Communication, Media and Intercultural Identities (Sp) 2017.

Local Representations, History and Communication (Sp) 2016.

Cultural, Social, and Historical Studies (Sp) 2015.


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