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Iben Have

Iben Have (b. 1970) is Associate Professor of Media Studies at the School of Communication and Culture, AU. She holds a Master in Aesthetics and Culture and a Ph.D. in Musicology. Her main research interest is the audio media and different forms of aural expression in various forms of media, focusing on everyday experience and perception. Her recent research interests are digital audiobooks, which she has been working on in the project Digital audiobook: New media, users, and experiences (2011-2015) and music radio in relation to the project A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark (FKK 2014-2018). She is one of the founders and chief editors of the online journal Sound Effects (www.soundeffects.dk) and project manager for Media Tools: Audio and audiovisual media (DIGHUMLAB) which includes the development of digital research infrastructure www.larm.fm - giving access to work with millions of Danish radio and television broadcasts.


Selected publications:

  • Have, I. (forthcoming 2017), Music-Radio and Changes in a Morning Radio Show. Contribution to anthology. Aarhus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag.
  • Michelsen, Larsen, Have, Lindelof & Smith-Sivertsen (red.) (forthcoming 2017). Stil nu ind. Danmarks Radio og musikken (working title). Aarhus: Aarhus Universitetsforlag.
  • Have, I., & Pedersen, B. S. (2016). Digital Audiobooks: New Media, New Users, New Experiences, New York: Routledge.
  • Have, I., & Pedersen, B. S. (2013). Sonic mediatization of the book: affordances of the audiobook. Journal of media and communication research, 29(54), 123-140.
  • Have, I., & Pedersen, B. S. (2012). Conceptualizing the Audiobook Experience. SoundEffects, 79-95.
  • Have, I. (2012). The musicalized soundtracks of Armadillo: Emotional realism and real emotions. SoundEffect, Vol 2 (No 1), 155-170.
  • Have, I. (2011). A soundtrack between allurement and repulsion. In Short Film Studies. Bristol: Intellect Ltd.
  • Have, I. (2010). Attitudes towards documentary soundstracks: Between emotional immersion and critical reflection. Journal of media and communication research, 48, 48-60.
  • Have, Iben (2009), ”Underlægningsmusik i dokumentariske politikerportrætter”, Christensen & Jerslev (ed.) Hvor går grænsen? Copenhagen: Tiderne Skifter 2009.
  • Have, Iben & Waade, Anne Marit (2008), “Aestheticizing Politics. Non-verbal Political Communication in Danish Television Documentaries”, Strömbäck, Ørsten & Aalberg (ed.) Political Communication in the Nordic Countries, Göteborg: Nordicom, 215-233.
  • Have, Iben (2008), “Background Music and Background Feelings - background music in audio-visual media” The Journal of Music and Meaning no. 6, Section 5. (ejournal)
  • Have, Iben (2008), Lyt til tv. Underlægningsmusik i danske tv-dokumentarer, (Listening to Television) Aarhus: Aarhus University Press.

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