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Henrik Callesen


  • Department of Animal Science - Molecular nutrition and reproduction
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Blichers Allé 20
DP25, 3368

Email: henrik.callesen@anis.au.dk

Mobile: +4520803435

Phone: +4587157989

Curriculum Vitae



DVM from Royal Vet. & Agric. Univ. (KVL), Copenhagen, Denmark


PhD in Reproduction from KVL.


DrVetSci from KVL


Professor at Department of Animal Science (ANIS), Faculty of Science and Technology (ST), Aarhus University (AU).

Previously Research Professor (2000-2010) and Head of Research Unit (1998-2000) at Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (DJF),

and Associate professor (1995-1998), Research assistant (1989-1995) and Research stipendiate (1982-1989) at Section for Reproduction, KVL.


Research competence

Endocrinological, morphological and clinical studies of cattle and pig with respect to development of the egg in the period before, during and after ovulation, covering both basic and applied aspects.

Assisted reproductive technologies in farm animals, primarily cattle and pig, with superovulation, embryo transfer, in-vitro production, cloning and cryopreservation of embryos as primary areas.

Techniques for morphological and physiological investigations of embryos during their development.

Consequences after in-vitro handling (in-vitro production, cryopreservation, cloning) on subsequent development of embryo, fetus and offspring.


Good experience in fund raising, research management and coordination based on receipt of more than 64 mio. DKK in funding from sources outside the University by Danish research counsils, EU and farm animal industries. Currently participating in projects funded by e.g. Viking Genetics and Danish Research Counsil for Technology and Production.

Professor Lagerlöf’s Gold Medal from the Nordic Veterinary Association for Farm Animal Reproduction (1994).

Member of the Academy of Technological Sciences (since 1999).

Adjunct professor at KVL (2006-2016).

Pioneer Award 2016, Association for Embryo Technologies in Europe (AETE).

Distinguished Service Award 2018, International Embryo Technology Society (IETS).


Experience from graduate and postgraduate courses, as supervisor or co-supervisor for 15 PhD-students and 17 MSc-students, and as main advisor for 9 postdocs.

Numerous lectures and presentations to many groups, including lectures at Forsker-for-en-dag at Agro Business Park Foulum. For this latter activity, nominated for the Forskningsformidlingsprisen in 2006.

Scientific posts

Board Member of the Danish Embryo Transfer Association (since 1989), the European Embryo Transfer Association (AETE; 1995-2005), the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS; treasurer 2000-2005; 2011-2013, vice-president 2011, president 2012, past-president 2013) and the Center for Bioethics and Risk Assessment (CeBRA; 2001-2008).

Appointed censor in veterinary reproduction at KVL (since 2000).

Member of the Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences (2006-2011; vice-chairman 2008-2009, chairman 2009-2011).

Member of Novo Nordisk Foundation: Committee for Biotechnology-based Synthesis and Production Research (2012-2021, chairman), Laureate Research Grant Committee (2012-2021), Committee for Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme (2014-2019) and Novozymes Prize Committee (2014-2021).

Member of the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (UVVU, 2012-2015).


At Department of Animal Science, AU, Deputy Head (2015-). Previously, at Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, DJF, Deputy Chief of Department (2005-2009), Acting Head of Department (2005-2006), Head of Research Unit (1998-2005) and director of Embryo Technology Center (1993-1999).

Project leader of 32 externally and internally funded research projects.

License holder (FELASA Category C permit) to conduct and supervise animal experiments.


Author/co-author to 494 publications, of these 98 as first author. Web of Science (November 2017): 208 publications; no. of citations exceeds 6,020; H-index 41. Google Scholar (November 2017): 491 publications; no. of citations exceeds 9,620; H-index 53.


Participated in applications (none granted): (i) Method and apparatus for culturing cells and tissues. PCT International Application DK97/0001, filing/priority date 07 January 1997; (ii) Method and auxiliaries for cryopreservation of biological material such as egg cells. PCT International Application DK98/00375, filing/priority date: 03 September 1998; (iii) New method for embryo culture, the Well of the Well system. PCT International Application DK00/00308, filing/priority date: 08 June 2000.