Hanne Kronborg

Associate professor

Hanne Kronborg (Foverskov)
Department of Public Health – Section for Science in Nursing
Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6 A
Building 1633, office 2.22
DK-8000 Aarhus C

E-mail: hk@ph.au.dk
Office phone: +45 8716 7891
Mobile: +45 3023 3626
AU profile: http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/hk@sygeplejevid.au.dk

ORCID: 0000-0002-1042-6748

2006: PhD in Public Health, Aarhus University.
2002: Master in Public Health, Aarhus University.

Academic engagements
2013-2016: Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Faroe Islands.
2010-: Associate Professor, Aarhus University.
2007-2010: Postdoc, Aarhus University.
2006: Research Assistant, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University.

Scientific competences
Research areas:
Nursing Intervention studies. Primary health care. Mother child health. Breastfeeding.
Public health. Health promotion. Health behaviour. Knowledge, attitude, practice.

2012-13: Management training for directors of research centers, Aarhus University.
2010: PhD supervision training course, Aarhus University.
2008: Lecture course in professional postgraduate teacher training, Aarhus University.

Awards (selected)
2006: Health visitor of the year.

Current research activities
A randomized community based trial of a universal health visiting approach to enhance the effects on perinatal mental health of supporting early parenting by increasing the parents’ understanding of the infant. Testing the Newborn Behavioral Observation in cooperation with 3 Jutland municipalities.

A prospective study including a randomized trial to identify the influence of physiological infant and maternal psycho-social factors on the duration of exclusive breastfeeding of the premature infant, in cooperation with Hvidovre Hospital.

A community based controlled experiment of parenting support groups: Family by Heart in cooperation with Aarhus municipality (with Marianne Simonsen & Nabanita Datta Gupta, Department of Economics, AU.

Impact of breastfeeding experience from the firstborn on the breastfeeding duration of the second-born child. Study of 5-year follow-up data from an RCT on birth preparation.

Research leadership and administrative work (selected)
Scientific research groups:
2011-: Founding member of AU RECEIV, an interdisciplinary research group in early interventions.
2010-: Member ISRHLM, The International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation.
2009-: Principal organizer of the research group Child, Maternal and Family Health Care, a national nursing research group.
2007-: Founder member of the Research group Research in Health Visiting Practice to promote innovation and scientific work in health care.
2002 – 2009: Member of the Nordic network BFIN Barnafödande i Norden. Nurses and midwives from Nordic countries researching in child and maternal health.

Continuously reviewer for
2015-: BMJ Open, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, International Journal of Nursing Studies.
2014-: International Breastfeeding Journal, Nutrition Journal.
2013-: Maternal and Child Nutrition.
2012-: Breastfeeding Medicine.
2011-: European Journal of Public Health, Acta Paediatrica.
2010- Pediatrics, International Journal of Quality Studies on Health and Well-being, Scandinavian Journal of Caring Science, Women & Health.
2007-: Indian Journal of Community Medicine.

Research publications
Please see http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/persons/hanne-kronborg(7cddb6ad-1ab7-442c-8822-6d6e5ca65e14)/publications.html for a complete and detailed publication list.

Invited key notes, international conferences, selected oral presentations (selected)
2016: Predictors of early introduction of solid food among Danish mothers and their infants. 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Growth. Vienna, Austria.
2015: Predictors of early introduction of solid food among Danish mothers and infants: an observational study. Interdisciplinary workshop: Early care interventions and their effects on children and families. Aarhus, Denmark.
2015: Why do mothers use nipple shields - and how does this influence duration of exclusive breastfeeding. 6th Nordic Breastfeeding Conference. Stockholm, Sweden.
2014: Practical guidance in breastfeeding - how do we influence breastfeeding self-efficacy. Elacta Conference (European lactation consultants). Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009: Effect of early postnatal breastfeeding support. 9th International Family Nursing Conference. Iceland.
2009: How are breastfeeding technique and pacifier use related to breastfeeding problems and breastfeeding. 3rd Nordic Breastfeeding Conference?
2007: Tidligt ammeophør kan det forebygges? Psykosociale faktorers betydning og præsentation af en ammescore. 2. Nordiske Ammekonference (2nd Nordic Conference on Breastfeeding.
2004: The influence of psychosocial factors on the duration of breastfeeding. 3rd International Conference: Promoting Global Health, Sharing Visions and Strategies. United States.

National Conferences and seminars, invited speaker:
Please see http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/persons/hanne-kronborg(7cddb6ad-1ab7-442c-8822-6d6e5ca65e14)/activities.html for a full list of activities.

Research funding (selected)
2014 – 2018: The Tryg Foundation’s Center for Child Research, Interdisciplinary Research Center at Aarhus University, DKK 6,200,000. (Main applicant: Marianne Simonsen). Grant for interdisciplinary research in early interventions
2012 – 2015: AU Ideas, Aarhus University, AU RECEIV Research Centre for Early Interventions, DKK 3,000,000. (Main applicant: Nabanita Datta Gupta). Grant for interdisciplinary research in early interventions.
2008-2011: Central Denmark Region. Grants to the research-practice project “Health promoting Intervention for Breastfeeding in Communities in Region Midt”. (Main applicant: Ingeborg H. Kristensen), DKK 380,000.
2006: Southern Denmark Region. Grant to the project “Breastfeeding support, a cluster randomized community based trial”, DKK 70,000.
2002-2006: The Lundbeck Foundation, “Research-practice grant to the project “Breastfeeding support, a cluster randomized community based trial”, DKK 100,000; The Health Foundation, DKK 96,000.

Supervision and assessments
Current main supervisor, PhD:
•A quasi- experimental study involving 7 municipalities to improve early child-parent relationship for vulnerable mothers and their infants. PhD student Ingeborg H. Kristensen. Submitted December 31, 2015.
•A randomized trial involving 10 hospitals to test how nurses can help more new mothers to establish successful breastfeeding during short hospital stay. PhD student Ingrid Nilsson. Enrolment August 1, 2012.
•An action research project addressing health visitors’ guidance of new parents in the process of the infants´ transition from milk to solid food, in close cooperation with health visitors in a municipality. PhD student Jette Schilling Larsen. Enrolment March 1, 2015.
•A randomized intervention study of the effect and experience of PreHomeCare of preterm infants using telecommunication and Smartphone application. PhD student Mai-Britt Hägi-Pedersen. Enrolment May 1, 2015.
•A prospective study including a randomized trial to test if it is possible to extend the exclusive breastfeeding period for the premature infant. Future PhD student Diana Skaaning, Submitted February, 2015.

Completed PhD supervision:
•Developing and testing a program to reduce and cope with fatigue. Birgitte Blicher Pedersen. PhD Defense November 6, 2015.
•A multi-center study of neonatal units in Denmark. Factors influencing breastfeeding of preterm infants. Ragnhild Måstrup. PhD Defense Mai 23, 2014.

Completed qualifying year for PhD enrollment (“kvalifikationsår”):
Title in Danish: Danish score tool to evaluate the infants´ pre-surgical anxiety. The m-Yale Preoperative Anxiety Scale. Pernille Skovby. Defense September 2012.

Chairman of PhD assessment committee:
Title: Parental treatment preferences and parental self-perception in autisme spectrum disorders. PhD student Kirsten Krabek Frantzen, Child and Youth Psychiatric Center, Risskov, Aarhus University Hospital. Defense June 2015,

Member of PhD assessment committees:
•Title in Danish: Information om vacciner: Hvad har betydning for forældrenes beslutning om at lade sit barn Calmette-vaccinere? PhD student Gitte Pihl, Center Hospital Lillebaelt, University of Southern Denmark. Preliminary date of defense June 2016.
•Title: Psychosocial correlates of exclusive breastfeeding duration. Doctoral student (Health Psychology) Emily deJager, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Assessment completed August 2014.

Chairman of assessment committee:
•Associate Professor in Health Promotion and Prevention at Department of Public Health, Aarhus University. Completed Marts 2016.

Selected assessment committees– academic positions:
2015: Part-time associate professor, Aarhus University, September 2015, 12 applicants.
2013: Assistant professor, University of Southern Denmark, September 2013, 1 applicant.
2013: Associate professor, Aarhus University, April 2013, 2 applicants.
2011: Senior researcher, UCSF (Universitetshospitalernes Center for Sygepleje- og omsorgsforskning), Copenhagen University, 2 applicants.
2011: Assistant professor, University of Southern Denmark, September 2013, 2 applicants.

2014-: Intervention studies, Intervention Mapping, Complex intervention

Master of Science in Nursing and Master in Clinical Nursing:
2008-: Health promotion strategy, theory and methods.
2007-: Questionnaire development, validation and use.
2006-: Quantitative research methods.
2006-: Supervision of Master of Science students and Master in Clinical Nursing students.
2005-: Health communication, theories how to support change in health behavior.

Interdisciplinary breastfeeding course IBCLC:
2010-: Preparation to breastfeeding. Psycho-social factor and their influence on the breastfeeding period. Screening, how to identify the vulnerable mother.

Health visitor education:
2012-: Successful breastfeeding – how can the health visitors support? Breastfeeding support and how to communicate.