Evanthia K. Schmidt

Associate professor

Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt
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International projects  

  • European project "Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Science".
  • Project "Autonomy and Quality - a follow-up project on the implementation and impact of two higher education reforms in Sweden".
  • Nordic project Mobility of Researchers and Knowledge Transfer in the Nordic Region - Patterns, Framework Conditions, Incentives and Trends. 
  • Project "European Flagship Universities: Balancing academic excellence and socio-economic relevance".
  • European project "Support for continued data collection and analysis concerning mobility patterns and career paths of researchers".
  • European project "Social Sciences and European Research Capacities - Technological Responsibility".
  • European project "Practicing Gender Equality in Science".
  • European project "Women's Carriers Hitting the Target: Gender Management in Scientific and Technological Research".
  • NORDplus project "Career Development Programs for Women in Science and Technology through Life Long Learning"
  • European project "Assessment of the Impact of the 6th Framework Programme on New European Union Member States".
  • European project "Cooperation and Coordination with and between European Intergovernmental Research Organisations and other Research Producing Organisations in the European Research Area".
  • European project "Rates of Return and Funding Models in Europe".
  • OECD-IMHE project "Funding Systems and their Effects on Higher Education Systems".
  • Five-Year Assessment - External Five-Year Assessment of the implementation and achievements of the European Community and of the European Energy Community research activities (1999-2003), (European Commission, Directorate-General for Research, Directorate A - Coordination of Community activities).
  • European project "Mapping of Research in European Social Science and Humanities" (EUA).
  • Project "Dynamic and Innovative Research Environments".

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