Clemens Glombitza


Clemens Glombitza

"Much of this information is written [...] in the language of molecules, the level at which change actually occurs in nature."

Nick Lane, Life Ascending, London 2009


I am a chemist coming from pure organic chemistry to organic geochemistry to biogeochemistry to geomicrobiology. I am interested in substrates for microbial metabolism in the deep biosphere. In particular, I focus on electron donors especially on low molecular weight organic acids (LMWOAs) such as formate and acetate. LMWOAs are important key players in the microbial food web. My aim is to understand their fluxes by investigating their origin (generation) and fate (turnover) in deep marine and terrestrial sediments. To achieve this, I apply several methods including e.g. chemical treatment and degradation of organic matter from sediments, microbial turnover rate measurements by radio tracer incubations and pore water substrate analysis by 2D IC-MS. 

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