Christoffer Karoff

Associate professor, VILLUM Young Investigator

Christoffer Karoff

I am teaching in:

  • The second year course Stjerner
  • The master and PhD course Solar Activity and Climate
  • The master and PhD course Renewable energy 


The overall focus of my research is the evolution of stars and planetary systems. The idea is that only by combining seismic observations of stellar interiors with complementary spectroscopic and photometric observations of the stellar surfaces can we obtain a complete understanding of the stars and their evolution over time. Here it is particularly important that we have an understanding of the evolution of the short wavelength activity related to stellar cycles of the host stars.

By using detailed observations of the Sun we can obtain a specific understanding of the internal structure of the Sun and its activity, but it is only by using observations of other stars that we can obtain a general understanding of the evolution of stars and planetary systems, including the Sun and the solar system, which will in turn help us to understand what effect the changing Sun has had on the climate and thus on the evolution of life on the Earth.

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