Christian Wejse

Associate professor, Staff Specialist

Curriculum Vitae


December 31, 1969 in Thisted, Denmark



Bygvangen 2, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark. Tel. +45-86106825



Social status:

Married, 4 children born in 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2007



Baccalaurate, Frederikshavn Gymnasium. Frederikshavn 1989

Diploma in medical research, University of Aarhus 1998                

M.D. University of Aarhus, 1999

PhD University of Aarhus, 2007

DTM&H (Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene), Johns Hopkins University 2010



Department of infectious diseases

Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby

Brendstrupgårdsvej, 8200 Århus N, Denmark

Phone: +45-89498492        Fax: +45-89498490




1999-2001: Internship Århus Amtssygehus

2001-2002: Randers, internal medicine 16 months, constituted senior registrar.

2002-2003: Skejby, infectious diseases 12 months

2003-2006: PhD student at University of Aarhus/ Dep. of infectious diseases, Skejby

The first two years collecting data at a field site in West Africa

2007-2007: Registrar, dep of Clinical Microbiology, Aarhus University Hospital

2007-2009: Senior registrar, Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby

2009-2010: Senior registrar, Dep. of Internal Medicine, Randers

2010-2013: Senior registrar, Dep. of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby


Scientific activities

1997-1998: ”Research year” at Department of Clinical Microbiology, and Department of Pediatrics,

Aarhus University Hospital.

2003-2005: PhD student at Bandim Health Project, Guinea Bissau

2005-2007: Junior research fellow, Infectious Disease research unit, Aarhus University hospital.

2007: PhD thesis defended


Supervisor roles:

PhD projects:

1.“Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor (suPAR) as a Marker of Tuberculosis Treatment Efficacy and Potential Prognostic marker for Survival in Individuals with a TB negative Diagnosis.”  MSc Paulo Rabna, Bandim Health Project, Guinea Bissau. PhD defended University of Copenhagen 24/2 2009.

2.“Children exposed to tuberculosis at home: impact on mortality, diagnostic perspectives and the effect of using chemoprophylaxis in Guinea-Bissau.” Dr, MSc, Victor Gomes, Bandim Health Project, University of Copenhagen, PhD thesis defended 15/4 2010.

 3.“The West African Retrovirus and Acquired Immune Deficiency (WARAID) cohort. Dr. Inés Oliveira Souto, Galicia, Spain. PhD project, University of Copenhagen 2007-10.

4.”TBscore and suPAR used to PREdict and INtervene Against high Mortality – PREDINAM, a randomized trial” Frauke Rudolf, MD PhD 5+4 arrangement, Århus Universitet 2009-13

5. “PI Or NNRTI as first-line HIV treatment in a West African population with low adherence and high HIV-2 prevalence – the PIONA trial”. Sanne Jespersen, Århus Universitet 2010-12.

6. “Isoniazid or Rifampicin and Isoniazid Preventive Therapy for children exposed to Tuberculosis – the IRIPT trial”. Grethe Lemvik, Århus universitet 2010-13.


Master thesis and research years:

1.”Genetic risk factors for tuberculosis in Africa”, Research year for medical student Rikke Olesen, University of Aarhus 2005-6.

2.“Prevalence of tuberculosis in a low-resource setting”, Research year for medical student Morten Bjerregaard-Andersen, University of Aarhus 2006-7.

3.”Use of procalcitonin for deciding duration of treatment in suspected pneumonia in hospitalized patients”, Research year for Kristina Bak Kristoffersen, University of Aarhus 2006-7.

4.”Clinical follow-up and analysis of outcome in a group of patients presenting in Bissau with suspected TB, unconfirmed on screening”. Dr. Inés Oliveira Souto, Galicia, Spain. Master project, Master of Tropical Epidemiology 2005, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

5.“Targetting hidden tuberculosis in a high-burden setting” MS Anders Porskrog. Research year, University of Aarhus 2007-8

6.“Inter-observer determination of the TBscore” MS Frauke Rudolf, Research year, University of Aarhus 2008-9

7.“Optimizing identification of tuberculosis among clinically suspected in a low resource setting”. MS Mette Morre Aabenhus, Research year, University of Aarhus 2008-9

8.”Adherence to HIV treatment in a West African cohort of HIV patients”. Research year for Dlama Rasmussen, University of Odense 2009-10.

9. “Delay affects clinical severity of tuberculosis”. Jakob Virenfeldt, Research year, University of Aarhus 2010-11.

10. “Diabetes prevalence among TB patients, TB suspects and healthy controls in Guinea Bissau.” Thorny Haraldsdottir, Research year, University of Aarhus 2010-11

11. “Immune activation in HIV-2 vs HIV-1 in a West African HIV cohort”. Magnus Bjarnasson, Research year, University of Aarhus 2010-11

12. “Hepatitis B and C prevalence in a West African HIV cohort”. Bo Hønge, research year, University of Aarhus 2011-12

13. “Clinical presentation and comorbidity in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infected patients in Guinea-Bissau”. Tine Sommer, research year, University of Aarhus, 2011-12

14. ”Assessing adherence in a West African HIV cohort”. Sygeplejerske Charlotte Dyrhave, Master i sundhedsantropologi 2011-13

15. “Impact of HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1+2 dual infection on the outcome of tuberculosis”. Cidia Camara. Master of Public Health, Addis Abeba, 2012-13


Research methodology assignments for medical students: Supervisor and censor of 8 assignments (2008, 2009(2), 2010 (2), 2011 (3)).


Coordinator roles:

Local responsible and co-author of protocol for: “SuPARnostics - Establishing a TB Treatment Efficacy Marker” EU application (FP6-2003-LIFESCIHEALTH-3), granted 300.000 Euro for Specific Support Action 2005.

Leading co-ordinator, primary responsible scientist and writer of application: ”Anti Retroviral Therapy Efficacy in a unique population with a high HIV-1 and HIV-2 prevalence”. Application for EU Nov. 2005 (FP6-2005-LIFESCIHEALTH-6) of 3 mil. Euro. Specific Targeted Research Project Grant denied March 2006.

Leading co-ordinator, primary responsible scientist and writer of application: Immune activation in chronic co-infections in HIV-1&2 cohorts, the Co-infection and Immunology Network of West Africa (COINWA)”EU application Dec 2008, FP7-HEALTH-2009-4.3.1-3 Collaborative project with 11 European and African partners, 7,2 mil Euro. Rejected.

Site-responsible for “Conduct of ICH-GCP level Phase II TB vaccine trials in high risk populations in Africa”, an EDCTP supported site capacity building for TB vaccine trials in collaboration with SSI and AHRI Ethiopia, 685,000€ allocated for Bandim.

Site-responsible for “JP.2009.10800.06, Improved diagnosis and prognostic tools to combat tuberculosis in high endemic area”, an EDCTP supported capacity building project in collaboration with partners in Sweden and Ethiopia, 83.000€ allocated to Bandim and Aarhus         


GCP experience:

A two day GCP course on investigator initiated drug trials completed June 2006.

Primary investigator on vitamin D trial Bissau 2003-06 (GCP guidelines followed, but no monitoring was available).

Co-investigator and primary GCP responsible investigator on suPAR trial Bissau 2004-07, establishing monitoring capacities at DSS and trial site in Bissau.

2011: Completed NIH Webtraining course on ethics involving human research participants.


Reviewer assignments:

Reviewer for Thorax (juni 2006), JID (okt 2007, juni 2009), TRSTMH (Feb, Aug 2008), Lancet (Oct 2008), AJRCCM (Apr 2009), UFL (juni 2009, nov 2010), BMJ (Aug 2009), BullWHO (Sept 2009, Mar 2011), IJTBLD (Oct 2009), TMIH (April 2010), CEI (Maj 2010), ExpRevClinPharm (Mar 2011), Thorax (June 2011, July 2011), Nutrion J (June 2011)

2009: Member of international evaluation committee for Health Research Board of Ireland, Clinical Scientist Award, midterm evaluation of major TB grant.

2011: Reviewer Irish Health Research Awards proposal

2011: PhD reviewer Copenhagen University: Tuberculosis Epidemiology in Denmark 1992-2006 by Zaza Kamper-Jørgensen.


Faculty of 1000 associate faculty member, evaluations:




2007 -           Board member, Danish Research Network for International Health

2007 -           Member of Scientific Monitoring Board, Bandim Health Project

2008 -           Chair of scientific advisory board of the Bandim HIV cohort of Guinea Bissau



2009: Invited speaker, 19th International Congress of Nutrition, Bangkok Oct 4-9, Symposium on “Nutrition and Infection, Inflammation and the Immune System – Update on Impact and Mechanism”

2010: Chairman, conference organizer, INDEPTH conference on cross-site TB research, Kisumu, Kenya

2011: Invited speaker, 28th Scientific Meeting of Nordic Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Reykjavik Aug 18-21. “New approaches to combat the global tuberculosis epidemic”



2002- present: Theoretical and clinical lectures for medical students, Aarhus University

2005: Aarhus Nursing Academy: Graduate course in pulmonary infections

2008: Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. Master course in infectious disease

2009-10: Region Midt, course for hygiene responsible staff: Tuberculosis hygiene

2009 - present: External lecturer, course leader: Elective module (4 weeks) on global infectious diseases.

2010: Johns Hopkins University: Staff meeting on TB and vitamin D

2010: External lecturer, Molecular Medicine: Course on immune-mediated diseases