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Christian Bjørnskov


Christian Bjørnskov


MSc (Econ), University of Aarhus, 2001
PhD (Econ), Aarhus School of Business, 2005

Member of Industrial Organisation and Trade Section
Research Secretaries: Susan Stilling and Mette Vad Andersen


Research Interests

  • Social Trust and Informal Institutions
  • Public Choice / New Institutional Economics
  • Subjective Well-Being and Life Satisfaction
  • Trade Theory / International Economics 


  • International Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Political Economy / Public Choice
  • General Economics
  • Institutional Economics


Recent Publications

  • The Hayek-Friedman Hypothesis on the Press: Is there an Association between Economic Freedom and Press Freedom? Forthcoming in Journal of Institutional Economics
  • Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes? Forthcoming in American Journal of Political Science. (With Jacob Mchangama)
  • Institutions, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Growth: What Do We Know? And What Do We Still Need to Know? Academy of Management Perspectives, vol. 30 (2016), 292-315. (With Nicolai J. Foss)
  • Economic Shocks and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment. World Bank Economic Review, vol. 30 (2016), 55-77. (With Jacob Gerner Hariri and Mogens Kamp Justesen) 


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