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  1. Adjei, Stephen Baffour

    Identity (>Gender Construction, >Masculinity and Aggression, >Sense of Self), Personality psychology, Psychology of culture (<Individual, Context, and Human Development), Social psychology, Violence (>Aggression in intimate relationships)

    • Bohn, Annette

      Psychology of cognition, Psychology of memory (Autobiographical memory, life story, Emotional memory)

      • Bærentsen, Klaus B.

        Biological psychology (Biological basis of Psychological Phenomena, Evolutionary psychology), General psychology (Activity Theory, Cultural Historical Psychology, Dynamical Systems Theory, Ecological Psychology, Pramatism, Yoga, Buddhisme, Alkymi), History of psychology (Activity Theory, Cultural Historical Psychology, Yoga, Buddhism, Alchemy), Lives of other animal and human species past and present (Cultural Historical Developm. of Psychol.Functions, Evolution of Psychological Reflection), Man and technology (Affordances and Human Praxis, Interiorisation of psychological functions, Intuitive User Interfaces, Objectification of psychological functions), Neuropsychology (Brain processes during meditation, Dynamical self-organisation in neural processes, functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Functional Systems in the Brain), Psychology of cognition (Activity basis for Cognition, Cognitive functions in activity, Consciousness and non-conscious psychol. functions, Meditation), Psychology of emotions (Feelings and emotions as cognitive functions, Functions of feelings and emotions in activity), Psychology of thinking and problem resolution (Thinking as interiorised action)

        • del Palacio Gonzalez, Adriana

          Clinical psychology - adults (Anxiety and depression, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Psychology of cognition (Personal Memories, Rumination, reflection, intrusive thoughts), Psychology of emotions (Emotion Regulation, Emotional Reactivity)

          • Hougaard, Esben

            Clinical psychology - adults (anxiety disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy, depression, psychotherapy)

            • Johannessen, Kim Berg

              Health psychology (Motivation and weight loss, Overweight and obesity), Psychology of cognition (Motivation and autobiographical memories)

              • Jørgensen, Carsten René

                Background: concepts, causes and policy (Personality disorders), Clinical psychology - adults (Personality disorders), Globalisation, Identity, Lifestyle illnesses (Anxiety, Cultural studies, Depression), Personality psychology, Psychopathology (Borderline disorders, Disturbed identity, Personality disorders), Psychopathology and psychodiagnostics, Psychotherapy (Processtudies, Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Relational psychotherapy), Psychotherapy (Mechanisms of change, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Relational psychotherapy, Therapeutic Process)

                • Kingo, Osman Skjold

                  Development psychology (Cognitive development, Infant research, Object individuation), General psychology, Psycholinguistics (early concept formation), Psychology of cognition (Memory development in infants and toddlers)

                  • Koppel, Jonathan Mark

                    Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory, cultral life script)

                    • Krøjgaard, Peter

                      Development psychology (Cognitive development, Development of episodic memory, Infant research, Infants' understanding of the physical world, Object individuation, Social cognition), General psychology, Man and technology, Psychology of cognition

                      • Madsen, Benedicte

                        Pedagogical psychology (Adult education), Social psychology (Applied social psychology, Communication and dialogue, Group dynamics), Working/organisational psychology (Consultative methods)

                        • O Connor, Maja

                          Clinical psychology - adults (anxiety disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy, Personality disorders, psychotherapy), Gerontopsychology (psychology of the elderly) (Elderly and PTSD, Elderly bereaved, Life-span development, Mental disorders of old age), Psychology of crisis and trauma (Grief, crisis and traumatzation, PTSD and psychological distress in chronic disease, PTSD in old age)

                          • OToole, Mia Skytte

                            Clinical psychology - adults (anxiety disorders, depression), Health psychology (caregivers, psychooncology), Psychology of cognition (memory and future projection), Psychotherapy (emotion regulation, emotions)

                            • Ottsen, Christina L.

                              Psychology of cognition (Goals), Psychology of culture (Gender Identity), Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory), Working/organisational psychology ((Middle East), Integration)

                              • Panattoni, Katherine W.

                                Personality psychology (Life stories and narrative identity)

                                • Rasmussen, Anne Scharling

                                  Psychology of memory (The Function of Autobiographical Memory)

                                  • Sommer, Dion

                                    Development psychology (an ecological perspective on developement, Child perspectives and children's perspectives, Childhood and family in late modernity, Children's social relationships)

                                    • Staugaard, Søren Risløv

                                      Biological psychology (sensitization), Clinical psychology - adults (social phobia), Psychology of cognition (attentional bias), Psychology of memory (involuntary memories)

                                      • Thomsen, Dorthe Kirkegaard

                                        Personality psychology, Psychology of emotions (Rumination, worry, cognitive theories of emotion), Psychology of memory (Autobiographical memory, life story, Narratives, life stories)

                                        • Trillingsgaard, Tea

                                          Clinical psychology - children and young people, Development psychology, Social psychology (adult attachment, close relationships, interpersonal communication, Risc and resiliency at transition to parenthood)

                                          • Vedel, Anna

                                            Development psychology (Academic success., Educational choices., Intelligence., Personality development.), General psychology, Personality psychology (Personality models., Personality traits.), Psychology of thinking and problem resolution, Qualitative and quantitative method development

                                            • Watson, Lynn Ann

                                              Clinical psychology - adults (cognitive behaviour therapy, depression), Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory, Involuntary memory)

                                              • Wellnitz, Kaare Bro

                                                General psychology, Pedagogical psychology (Primary school organization, School-engagement), Personality psychology (Motivation, Self-Determination Theory), Qualitative and quantitative method development, Social psychology

                                                • Zaragoza Scherman, Alejandra

                                                  Clinical psychology - children and young people (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA),, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD),, Autism,, Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI),, Personalized Sytems of Instruction (PSI)), Development psychology (Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)), Psychology of memory (Autobiographical Memory,, Cultural Life Scripts,, Personal Life Stories)

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