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  1. Frandsen, Finn

    Organisation theory (extra communication, Meta-organizations), Corporate communication (Organizational communication, Public relations, Strategic communication), Crisis communication (Crisis Management, Risk communication, Risk management), Management theory (Inter-organizational relations, Intermediaries, Stakeholder management), Organizational development (Institutional complexity, Institutionalization of strategic communication in private and public organizations)

    • Kesting, Peter

      Organisation theory (Changing routines, The cognitive foundations of routine, The interplay of routine and decision making, The meaning of routine for business models), Entrepreneurship (Business model creation, Business plans, New Venture Financing), Human Resource Management (Employee participation, Incentives, Leadership), Innovation (Business model innovation, Business model sophistication, China, Employee-driven innovation, Joseph A. Schumpeter)

      • Krøtel, Sarah Maria Lysdal

        Organisation theory (Hybrid organizations and, Institutional logics, , Institutional theory, , New Public Management, , Public administration)

        • Obel, Børge

          Organisation theory (Organization theory), Management theory (Management), Organizational development (Organization design), Strategy (Strategy), University pedagogics (University conditions)

          • Rohrbeck, René

            Organisation theory (microfoundations), Innovation (Corporate venturing, Technology foresight, Technology transfer), Strategy (Corporate Foresight, Future Orientation, Strategic foresight)