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  1. Andersen, Nikolaj K.

    China (China's foreign policy, Infrastructure Investments, the Belt and Road Initiative (New Silk Road)), Existentialism (Nietzsche), Japan (Japan's foreign policy), Security (American foreign policy in Asia, Asian geopolitics), State and sovereignty

    • Beach, Derek

      Elections and voters (EU public opinion, Referendums), International organisations (International courts), Research Methods, The EU and Europe (Constitutional Treaty, ECJ - judicial integration, EU institutions, Euro and referendums, Lisbon Treaty, public opinion EU, Referendums), The international community (Election campaigns, US Foreign Policy, US presidential election)

      • Elklit, Jørgen

        Development of states (democratic legitimacy, democratisation, elections and democratic development), Elections and voters (democracy assessment, election administration quality assessment, local party systems, Turnout), Electoral systems, Political history (electoral system development)

        • Johannsen, Lars

          Baltic states (corruption, political development), Concept of democracy (corruption, Presidentialism), Development of states (authoritarian rule, Corruption, Democratization), Ideology and attitudes, International organisations, Soviet Union (Baltic states, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), The EU and Europe (enlargement, State capacity), Yugoslavia (Slovenia)

          • Kjær, Anne Mette

            Development of states (administration/bureaucracy, Development assistance, Governance and politics in Africa)

            • Knudsen, Tonny Brems

              Denmark and the world (Danish foreign and security policy), International organisations (International Criminal Court, United Nations), Security (International sikkerhed og verdensorden), The international community (Humanitarian Intervention, International humanitarian law, International order (and justice), International trusteeship - peacebuilding, Sovereignty and national self-determination, The use of force in international law, The use of force in international politics)

              • Mozaffari, Mehdi

                Schools of Philosophy and Philosophers (Islamism, Political ideologies and regimes, totalitarianism), Security (Global terrorism, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf), The international community (Globalisation and civilisations)

                • Park, Sunhee

                  International organisations (PKO), Security (Agreement Design, Alliance, Bargaining, Civil War), [Statistik] (Duration analysis, Large-n statistical analysis)

                  • Pedersen, Jonas Gejl

                    Identity (National identity, Ontological security), Nationalism (Nation building), Qualitative methods (Interpretive methodologies and methods, Textual ethnography), Security (Disinformation, Foreign policy analysis, Foreign policy crisis, Kosovo crisis, Military interventions, Russian foreign policy, Strategic culture, Ukraine crisis), The international community (International political sociology)

                    • Pedersen, Jørgen Dige

                      Development, Development economics, Development of states (Development assistance, India and Brazil: State regulation and economic), India

                      • Pedersen, Karin H

                        Development of states (Governance,, The responsive state), Enviromental law (climate policy), Sociology of law (administration/bureaucracy, Corruption), The EU and Europe (europeanization, Institutional Theory)

                        • Pedersen, Rasmus Brun

                          The EU and Europe (Constitutional Treaty, EU enlargement, EU institutions, Parliaments)

                          • Sejersen, Mikkel

                            Development of states (- Autocratic regimes,, Democratization), Security (- Economic sanctions,, Repression, Smart sanctions,, Targeted sanctions,)

                            • Skak, Mette

                              Political and Economic Philosophy and History of Ideas, Political history (Beginning of the Cold War (1943-1953)), Political history (Beginning of the Cold War (1943-1953)), Political history (The Soviet Union and Komintern: Stalin), Political history (The Soviet Union and Komintern: Stalin), Russia (Earlier polities, The Soviet Union/The Soviet Empire), Security (Comintern's dissolution, Russia's foreign policy, Russia's globalization, Security politics, wars and conflicts, The Soviet Cold War)

                              • Sørensen, Georg

                                The international community (Democracy and development, Prospects for a liberal world order, The transformation of the state, effects on IR)