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  1. Violante, Francesco

    Time series econometry (Volatility, forecasting, model selection, derivative pricing)

    • Veliyev, Bezirgen

      Other areas of econometrics (Financial econometrics, in particular volatility estimation), Probability theory (Asymptotic theory for high-frequency data)

      • Thorstenson, Anders

        Corporate performance (Production planning and management), Logistics (Logistics, Logistics and transport), Operation analysis, Performance (Logistics), Supply chain management (Inventory control, Operational analysis, Production planning and management, SCM, Supply chain management)

        • Raaballe, Johannes

          Corporate finance (Cash Dividends, Corporate Governance, Share Repurchases), Financing theory, Investment

          • Poulsen, Stine Munk

            Management theory (Plural forms of governance), Municipalities (Contracting, Mixed service delivery), Strategy

            • Pedersen, Frank

              Capital structure (Capital structure), Corporate finance (Debt structure), Corporate governance (Risk management in non-financial enterprises, Valuation), Investment (Investing in real estate), Other areas of financing (Financing of real estate)

              • Pakkanen, Mikko

                Other areas of econometrics (Volatility estimation), Probability theory (Ambit stochastics, Financial mathematics, Stochastic analysis)

                • Nielsen, Steen

                  Financial management (Financial planning and control in the private and public enterprises, Modern financial management: activity-based cost management and balanced scorecard)

                  • Kleindienst, Ingo

                    Change processes, Corporate governance (CEO and Top Management Team,, CEO Succession), International management (Distance Research, Global Strategy,, Internationalization Process,), Psychology of Work and Organisations (CEO Perception, Managerial Psychology,), Strategy (Business Models, Corporate Strategy,, Mergers & Acquisitions,, Performance,)

                    • Juhl, Hans Jørn

                      Other areas of marketing and strategy (Market research), Performance (Performance management)

                      • Jessen, Pernille

                        Other areas of financing (Credit risk and liability issues)

                        • Jensen, Morten Berg

                          Strategy (Discrete choice models, Duration analysis)

                          • Holm, Claus

                            Accounting (Accounting reporting), Administration and bureaucracy (Annual accounts), Corporate finance (Risk management), Corporate governance (Board), Financial accounting (Annual accounts, External accounts), Internal auditing (Audit and control), Performance (Annual accounts, External accounts), Stock market (Equity markets)

                            • Elbek, Maria

                              Logistics (Inventory Routing Problem,, Operations Research, , Recycling,, Reverse Logistics, Rolling Time Horizon,, Stochastic Order-up-to Level,)

                              • Dissing, Anne Christine Rask

                                Other areas of organisation (Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology, Role orientation, Job satisfaction, Extra-role behavior, Withdrawal behavior)

                                • Bartholdy, Jan

                                  Capital structure (Capital structure), Corporate finance (Business assessment), Corporate governance (Acquisition, Capital funds, Corporate governance), Financial markets (Psychology and financial markets (behavioral finance)), Labour market economics (Equity compensation), Other areas of financing (Banks), Performance (Equity compensation), Stock market (Dividend policy, Equity markets)