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  1. Jensen, Morten Berg

    Strategy (Discrete choice models, Duration analysis)

    • Juhl, Hans Jørn

      Other areas of marketing and strategy (Market research), Performance (Performance management)

      • Kleindienst, Ingo

        Change processes, Corporate governance (CEO and Top Management Team,, CEO Succession), International management (Distance Research, Global Strategy,, Internationalization Process,), Psychology of Work and Organisations (CEO Perception, Managerial Psychology,), Strategy (Business Models, Corporate Strategy,, Mergers & Acquisitions,, Performance,)

        • Poulsen, Stine Munk

          Management theory (Plural forms of governance), Municipalities (Contracting, Mixed service delivery), Strategy

          • Thorstenson, Anders

            Corporate performance (Production planning and management), Logistics (Logistics, Logistics and transport), Operation analysis, Performance (Logistics), Supply chain management (Inventory control, Operational analysis, Production planning and management, SCM, Supply chain management)