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  1. Bargfeldt, Niels

    Roman archaeology (Cultural identities, gender differences, Provinces,, Social classes,), GIS

    • Hannestad, Lise

      Roman archaeology (Food and Drink in the Roman World), Economic history (Trade in Ancient Greece), Greek archaeology (Greek iconography, Greek Pottery, Hellenistic sculpture, Material culture and identity), Peripheral regions (Black Sea archaeology, The Etruscans, The Near East in the Hellenistic period), Town and country

      • Hannestad, Niels

        Roman archaeology (Roman art and propaganda, Roman coins, Roman portraits, Roman sculpture), Archaeology of Late Antiquity (Late Antique sculpture, transition from paganism to christianity)

        • Kristensen, Troels Myrup

          Roman archaeology (Roman sculpture, Social identity, Visual culture), Archaeology of Late Antiquity (Asia Minor, Egypt, Near East), Graeco-Roman religions, Greco-Roman Antiquity, Greek archaeology, Religion and society (iconoclasm, pilgrimage, religious violence)

          • Mortensen, Eva

            Roman archaeology (Memory and identity in Asia Minor, Urban landscapes), Greek archaeology (Hellenistic Asia Minor), Internet (Culture, Digital archives), Peripheral regions (Gerasa, Travel accounts), Religion and society (Heroes)

            • Poulsen, Birte

              Roman archaeology (Roman architecture, Roman glass, Roman pottery), Archaeology of Late Antiquity (architecture, cultural exchange, cultural identity, glass, inscriptions, mosaics), Greek archaeology (Hellenistic architecture, Hellenistic mosaics, Hellenistic sculpture)