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  1. Hannestad, Lise

    Peripheral regions (Black Sea archaeology, The Etruscans, The Near East in the Hellenistic period), Economic history (Trade in Ancient Greece), Greek archaeology (Greek iconography, Greek Pottery, Hellenistic sculpture, Material culture and identity), Roman archaeology (Food and Drink in the Roman World), Town and country

    • Krag, Signe

      Peripheral regions (Funerary space, Palmyra;, Portrait sculpture;), Material culture (Colonies;, Necropoleis, The Phoenicians;), Roman archaeology (Funerary space, Palmyra;, Portrait sculpture;)

      • Mortensen, Eva

        Peripheral regions (Gerasa, Travel accounts), Greek archaeology (Hellenistic Asia Minor), Internet (Culture, Digital archives), Religion and society (Heroes), Roman archaeology (Memory and identity in Asia Minor, Urban landscapes)