History and Archaeology

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  1. Andersen, Martin Friis

    Cultural history (Human geography., Memory studies,, Olympic Games., Uses of history,), Cultural history (Olympic Games.), Reception of Antiquity (Olympic Games.)

    • Arnórsdóttir, Agnes S.

      Cultural history (canon law, marriage), Cultural history (Religion and donation, death culture), Denmark and Scandinavia (Iceland, Icelandic Sagas, Law and legal culture), History of gender (Maskulinities in the Viking ages, religion and pow), Identity (Historical writing during the Medieval age, Memory Narration Identity), Kinship and family (Kinship system in Scandinavian during Medieval Age)

      • Bonderup, Gerda

        Cultural history (Quacks, understanding of health, combating of disease), Meeting of cultures (medical practitioners - population - patients, prevention, vaccination), Political history (absolutism's unformal structures), Social history (epidemics as cholera, smallpox and syphilis, late absolutism and public health, social crises, society and epidemics)

        • Brimnes, Niels

          Empires and colonies (cultural encounters, India), Globalisation (decolonizatoin, India), History of medicine (India, tuberculosis, vaccinations), Political history (decolonization, India), Social history (cultural encounters, India, public health)

          • Gram-Skjoldager, Karen

            Denmark and Scandinavia (Nordic co-operation, Nordic Policy), Political history (European interwar history, International law, internationalism, League of Nations)

            • Jensen, Mette Frisk

              Modern History, Denmark (history of administration in Denmark 1660 - 1900, history of corruption in Denmark,)

              • Koefoed, Nina Javette

                Cultural history, Gender (marriage, sexuality), Hierarchy and status, History of gender, Meeting of cultures, Political history (absolutism, State building and social resistance), Power and politics (political women)

                • Krasilnikoff, Jens

                  Economic history, Greco-Roman Antiquity, Political history (Greek military history, mercenaries, The History of the first Athenian empire), Reception of Antiquity, Religion and society, Social history, Town and country (Agricultural Strategies in Attica, 800 - 100 BC., Culturel Ecology, Formation of of landscapes and cityscapes, Marginal land, Resources of ancient Greek Farming)

                  • Magnusdottir, Rosa

                    Cultural history (Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Transfer, Intellectuals), Globalisation (Americanization, Trans-Atlantic Relations), Political history (Cold War History, Soviet History), Russia (Soviet and Russian History, Soviet-American Relations, Soviet-Icelandic Relations), Social history (Icelandic History, Soviet History)

                    • Nygaard, Bertel

                      Cultural history (Political theory, political culture), Historiography, Philosophy of history, Philosophy of science, Political history (State building and social revolutions), Social history

                      • Olesen, Thorsten Borring

                        Denmark and Scandinavia (Nordic co-operation, Nordic Policy), Denmark and the world, European integration (History and Development of the EC/EU), European integration (Danish European policy), Italy (History of Modern Italy), Political history (Fascism in the Inter War Period, History of Modern Italy, The Cold War), Political history (Denmark and the Cold War, Development Aid Policy, Foreign policy), The EU and Europe

                        • Rasmussen, Carsten Porskrog

                          Agriculture (manors), Cultural history (manors, princes), Economic history (agrarian history, manors, nobility), Political history (absolutism, schleswig-holstein), Renaissance, Denmark, Town and country (agrarian history, manors, nobility)

                          • Rom-Jensen, Byron Zachary

                            Denmark and Scandinavia (Nordic Model), Globalisation (Knowledge production, Policy Transfer, Transnational Movements), Social history (US welfare)