Health and Illness

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  1. Hammerich Riis, Anders

    Biostatistics, Epidemiology (Clinical Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology)

    • Ladefoged Ebbehøj, Andreas

      Endocrine disruptors (Adrenal Tumors, Catecholamine hypersecretion, Paraganglioma, Pheochromocytoma), Epidemiology

      • Thomsen, RW

        Epidemiology (Clinical epidemiology, register-based research, Treatment and prognosis of chronic diseases), Examination of registers (Comorbidity, Epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, registers), Infection (Bacteraemia, Community-acquired infections, Pneumonia, Sepsis), Lifestyle illnesses

        • Sørensen, Henrik Toft

          Epidemiology (Clinical epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology, Treatment and prognosis of chronic diseases)

          • Sørup, Signe

            Cancer, Epidemiology, Infection, Vaccination (Non-specifikke effects of vaccines)