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  1. Ammann, Theresa

    Conflict (Peacebuilding), Ethnography, Gender (Stereotypes, UNSCR 1325), Interviews, Narratives of illness (Ebola, Military discourse), Participant observation, West Africa (Liberia)

    • Baastrup, Cathrine Søndergaard

      Cerebral and nervous system (Experimental pain models, Pain characterization, Pain evaluation, Pain mechanisms), Cerebral and nervous system (Spinal cord contusion animal model, Spinal cord injury pain), History of medicine, Medical ethics, Pharmaceuticals (Central pain, Neuropathic pain, Pain pharmacology), Pharmacology (Pain modulation)

      • Bregnballe, Vibeke

        Health psychology (children and adolescents, chronic disease), Nursing (children and adolescents, chronic disease), Patient behaviour (children and adolescents, chronic disease), Patient-therapist relationship (children and adolescents, chronic disease)

        • Brimnes, Niels

          Empires and colonies (cultural encounters, India), Globalisation (decolonizatoin, India), History of medicine (India, tuberculosis, vaccinations), Political history (decolonization, India), Social history (cultural encounters, India, public health)

          • Børglum, Anders

            Cerebral and nervous system (Psychiatry), Genetic examinations, Genetics (Complex disorders), Genetics, Heart and circulation (arrythmia, Cardiomyopathy), Immune system (Allergy, atopy), Lungs (Allergy, Asthma), Medical ethics, Molecular medicine, Psychopathology, Skin (Atopic dermatitis)

            • Christiansen, Ask Vest

              Doping (elite sport, cycle sport, doping, ethics, fitness doping), Perceptions of the body

              • Harbig, Philipp

                Epidemiology ( > Pharmacoepidemiology), General medicine ( > Telemedicine), Health systems ( > eHealth)

                • Huibers, Linda

                  Health systems (Acute care, Out of hours care, Primary care)

                  • Jegindø, Else-Marie Elmholdt

                    Cerebral and nervous system, Cerebral and nervous system, Clinical psychology - adults (Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Perception and cognition), Clinical psychology - children and young people (Child development, Mother child health, Mother infant relationships), Ear-nose-throat (Sense of smell), Patient-therapist relationship, Psychology of cognition (Attention, Expectations, Top-down control), Psychology of emotions, Psychopathology (Postnatal psychopathology), Religion and cognition, Scanning and similar forms of examination

                    • Jensen, Uffe Juul

                      Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Ideology and attitudes, Perceptions of illness (Concepts of disease and of health), Philosophy of natural science (Evidence, Evidence based practice, Philosophy of medicine, Science and politics, Science and society, Science and the humanities), Philosophy/history of health (Development of practices, Good life), Welfare state (Theories of welfare and welfare state)

                      • Karlsson, Amanda

                        Identity (subjectivity), Perceptions of the body (Embodiment), Sociality on the internet (data sharing, Privacy Issues), The individual

                        • Larsen, Jens Rolighed

                          Biochemistry (Histochemistry), Biological treatment, Health systems, Heart and circulation (Coronary Artery Imaging, Hemodynamics, Myocardial ischemia), Heart and circulation, Pharmaceuticals (Inhalational anesthetics, Opioids), Physiology (cardioprotection, experimental models, ischaemia-reperfusion injury, percutaneous coronary intervention), Surgery

                          • Lomborg, Kirsten

                            Health systems (Patient Education, Patient Involvement, Patient-Centred Care), Patient behaviour (Health Literacy)

                            • Ludvigsen, Mette Spliid

                              Kidneys and urinary tract ( Rehabilitation for kidney transplant patients, Transition from adolescence to adulthood with a chronic condition), Nursing ( Complex intervention design, Fieldwork, Interviews, Narrative analysis, Participant observation, Patientology, Qualitative interview, Qualitative metasynthesis, Qualitative methods in caring sciences, Surveys, Phenomenological hermeneutical analysis), Patient behaviour ( Patient to patient education, Patient-patient-relationship, Transition in continuity of care), Patient-therapist relationship ( Communication in care), Perceptions of illness ( Concepts of disease and of health, Quality of life)

                              • Martinsen, Bente

                                Nursing (Qualitative methods in caring sciences), Perceptions of the body

                                • Moellekaer, Anders

                                  Health systems (Emergency Medicine, Healthcare management, Public health), Other areas of organisation

                                  • Mohr, Sebastian

                                    Biomedicine as a cultural construction (donor insemination, IVF, reproduction, reproductive technology, sperm donation), Cultural theory, Equality, Ethnography (digital ethnography, embodied ethnography, feminist ethnography, visual ethnography), Exchange, Gender (feminist theory, masculinity, queer theory, sexuality), Health, Kinship and family (relatedness), Narratives of illness, Patient-therapist relationship, Pedagogical sociology, Perceptions of illness, Perceptions of the body, Socialisation theory

                                    • Møller, Verner

                                      Doping (elite sport, cycle sport, doping, ethics, fitness doping), Perceptions of the body (extreme sports and obesity), Qualitative Methods

                                      • Nissen, Ulrik

                                        20th century (Dietrich Bonhoeffer), Applied ethics and bioethics/environmental ethics (Animal ethics, Environmental ethics, Nanoethics), Ethics (Christian Faith and Politics, Ecclesiology and ethics, Natural law thought), Medical ethics (Bioethics), Reformation (Ethics of Martin Luther)

                                        • Pechmann, Philipp

                                          Health systems (Germany), Labour market politics, Qualitative Methods, Welfare state (Historical Institutionalism, Institutional Theory, Policy Change, Policy Design, Public Policy, Social Policy, Sociology)

                                          • Peters, Christian Daugaard

                                            Cerebral and nervous system (MRI in nephrology), General medicine (central blood pressure, Pulse wave methodology, Pulse wave velocity), Heart and circulation (Arterial stiffness, cardiac output, Heart disease in uraemic patients, Left ventricular dysfunction), Kidneys and urinary tract (Dialysis, Haemodialysis), Perceptions of illness (Quality of life)

                                            • Rattan, Suresh

                                              Ageing (anti-aging, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals), Alternative treatment, Bones, muscles, joints, Bones, muscles, joints, Cell biology (skin, bone, brain), Development of new drugs (Anti-ageing compounds, kinetin), Genetics (Genes, longevity, aging, aging, anti-aging, health, skin, lifespan, stress, hormesis, hormetin), Geriatrics, Lifestyle illnesses, Lifestyle illnesses, Medical ethics, Molecular medicine, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Prophylaxis (stress, hormesis, hormetin), Protein synthesis (Protein degradation, proteasome, lysosome), Skin (skin), Skin, Skin, Sport, Stress (Hormesis, hormetin, autophagy)

                                              • Riddervold, Ingunn Skogstad

                                                Accidents, Cerebral and nervous system, Health systems, Heart and circulation, Immunology (Exposure to wood stove emission), Public health (Humane exposure studies), Working environment (electromagnetic fields, non-ionizing radiation)

                                                • Stage, Carsten

                                                  Citizen involvement (Cultural participation, Participation), Cultural forms of expression (Affect), Globalisation, Internet, Media theory and criticism (Social media), Narratives of illness (Health, Illness), Nationalism, Perceptions of illness, Qualitative methods (Affective methodologies, Discourse analysis)

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