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  1. Christensen, Tina Paulsen

    Interpretation theory (Legal interpretation), Translation methods (Legal translation)

    • Dam, Helle Vrønning

      Interpretation theory (Conference interpretation, Consecutive interpreting, Simultaneous interpretation), Translation methods (Business translators, Translators in society)

      • Engberg, Jan

        Functional linguistics (Cognitive linguistics), Knowledge communication, Translation methods (Technical language translations, Text genres and text species)

        • Leal Lobato, Ana Isabel

          Intercultural communication (Critical intercultural communication , Intercultural training), Interpretation theory (Conference interpreting, Sociology of interpreters), Spanish language acquisition

          • Petersen, Margrethe

            English syntax (English grammar), Text construction and theory (Scientific text production), The idea and intellectual history of the university (Academic genres), Translation methods (Language policy)

            • Rasmussen, Kirsten Wølch

              Criticism of translation (Quality assurance in the translation business), Intercultural communication (Language policy), Interpretation theory (Legal language), Translation theory (Text genres)

              • Schjoldager, Anne

                Criticism of translation (Translation quality), Translation methods (Translation and text production, Translation of foreign language teaching, Translation process, Translation strategies), Translation theory (Translation theory)

                • Vesterager, Anja Krogsgaard

                  Corpus linguistics (Corpus linguistics), Translation methods (Genre conventions in a translation perspective, Legal translation)

                  • Zethsen, Karen Korning

                    Cultural contact (Professional-layperson communication (intralingval translation)), Semantics (cognitive semantics, formal semantics etc) (Lexical semantics in a translation perspective), Translation methods (Professional-layperson communication (intralingval translation), Translators in society), Translation theory (Translation theory)