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  1. Andersen, Sophie Esmann

    Children and young people (Youth culture and consumption, Youth culture), Consumer behaviour (Consumer behavior, consumer identities and consumption communities, Consumption, Creative, qualitative methods, CSR and consumer behavior), Corporate social responsibility (CSR and brand management), Experience economy (Branding and brand management, Creative, qualitative methods, CSR and brand management, Market communication, Socially responsible consumers, Youth culture and consumption), Human Resource Management (Employer branding), Market communication (Market communication), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Brands and branding), Sustainability (Socially responsible consumers)

    • Funahashi, Daena

      Crisis and trauma psychology (Distress), Philosophy of technology (Theorization of Temporality), Power and politics (Social Movements), Welfare state (Ethics)

      • Hille, Sandra

        Biodiversity, Buffer zones (ecological services, Plant community ecology,), Environmental technology

        • Johansen, Trine Susanne

          Experience economy (Experience communications, Organizations and narrativity), Narrativity/storytelling, Organisational communication (Organizations and narrativity), Organizational development (Identity provision and negotiating, Organizational and corporate identity), Strategic communication (Strategic communications)

          • Johansen, Winni

            Change communication (Change communication, Management and change communication, Recruitment communication), Communication theory (Value management and value communication), Crisis communication (Crisis communication and crisis management), Culture and organisation (Organizational culture and internal communication), Experience economy (Experience communications, Experience marketing, Experiences as a business strategy, The experience-based workplace), Internal communication (Organizational culture and internal communication), Management communication (Communication management), Market communication (Corporate branding and reputation management, Market communication), Other areas of marketing and strategy (Experience marketing, Experiences as a business strategy)

            • Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt

              Communication (Science communication, visualization), History of Science and Technology (Public Understanding of Science), Printed Media (Visual communication, Visual culture), Studies of science and technology (Data design, Information design)

              • Lieberoth, Andreas

                Comparative Methods ( + experimental methods, + field experiments, + impact assessment, + psychometrics, > Mixed methods), Computer games, Innovation and IT (> gamification), Neuroscience and learning, Pedagogical psychology (> adult learning), Social psychology, Studies of science and technology (> media psychology)

                • Nielsen, Anne Ellerup

                  Communication in organisations, Corporate social responsibility (Branding and CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), CSR in small and middle-sized companies, CSR reporting, SCR), Experience economy (Communication and branding, Experience marketing), Internal and external communication (Business communication, Communication planning, CSR communication), Management communication (Leadership communication, Management coaching - coaching as a management tool), Market communication (communication and branding), Other areas of marketing and strategy

                  • Nielsen, Martin

                    Experience economy (Experience marketing), Intercultural communication (Culture in a Danish-German context, Intercultural market communication), Internal and external communication (External communication, Integrated communication, Media), Market communication (Campaigns), Working practise and the use of IT (Media)

                    • Zarazua de Rubens, Gerardo

                      Climate technology (Electric Vehicles and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology), International management (Business development), Renewable energy sources (Energy Planning & Resources Optimization, Wind Resource Assessment, Exergy Analysis, Energy Demand, Electricity Markets), Studies of science and technology (Socio-technical transitions), Sustainability (Business model innovation)