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  1. Andersson, Torben L.

    Immune system (Protein chemistry and biophysics, Proteomic)

    • Bjergbæk, Lotte

      Cancer (genomic instability), Cancer (genomic instability), DNA structure and repair (checkpoint control, DNA replication)

      • Boesen, Thomas

        3D structures of large molecules (Cryo-electron microscopy, Crystallography, Small Angle X-ray Scattering), Microorganisms (Structure/function in pathogen-host interactions), Protein synthesis (Eukaryotic translation initiation), Toxins (Microbial pathogenesis factors, Toxins)

        • Brodersen, Ditlev E.

          3D structures of large molecules, Electronic teaching aids, Enzymes and artificial enzymes, Nanobiotechnology (Automated micro- and nanoliter crystallisation), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Single particle electron microscopy), Nuclein acids, Protein structure (Protein and nucleic acid crystallography), Protein synthesis (Ribosome structure and function), RNA, Robots (Automated crystallisation screening), Structural Analysis (Visualisation and comparison of protein structures), Teaching goals and methods, Turnover and modification of RNA (RNA metabolism and -decay), X-ray crystallography

          • Bøggild, Andreas

            Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, 3D structures of large molecules (Protein and nucleic acid crystallography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy)

            • Callesen, Morten Møbjerg

              Cancer (Molecular mechanisms), Genetics (Transgenic Porcine Models), Molecular medicine

              • Drasbek, Kim Ryun

                Artificial antibodies, Cerebral and nervous system (Stroke), Cerebral and nervous system (Blood-brain barrier,, Pericytes), Cerebral and nervous system (Animal models,, Cell culture studies,, Molecular methods), MicroRNA (NGS - next generation sequecing ), Neurobiology (Extra cellular vesicles, Fluorescence microscopy,)

                • Enghild, Jan Johannes

                  3D structures of large molecules, Antioxidants, Biochemistry (2D gel electrophoresis, Extracellular matrix, Insoluble protein structures, Mass spectrometry, Protein chemistry, proteolytic enzymes, Proteomics), Blood, Cancer, Cerebral and nervous system, Corneal dystrophy, Enzymer, Eyes, Proteomics

                  • Gutiérrez-Jiménez, Eugenio

                    Cerebral and nervous system (Alzheimer’s disease, Brain Hemodynamics), Neurobiology

                    • Hartmann, Rune

                      3D structures of large molecules (Structure of antiviral proteins), Genetics, Immune system (Immune defence against virus), Infection (Viral infections), Molecular Evolution (Evolution of the immune system), Signals between and inside cells (Signalling in the immune system)

                      • Knudsen, Charlotte Rohde

                        Bacteria (Bacteriophages), Enzymer (RNA-dependent RNA polymerase), Infection ((+)-stranded RNA viruses), Protein synthesis (Macromolecular interactions, Protein dynamics, Protein structure-function relationship), Single molecule detection

                        • Luo, Yonglun

                          Biotechnology (genetic engineering), Cancer (breast cancer modeling, diabetic pig modeling), Genetics (epigenetics, stem cell biology), Transcription control (Transcriptome)

                          • Lykke-Hartmann, Karin

                            Antisense and siRNA (RNA microinjections), Embryo development (Fertilization, Maternal-Zygotic Transition, Oocyte, Preimplantation, RNA microinjection), Hereditary diseases (Knock-out mice, P-type ATPase), Molecular medicine, Neurobiology, Transgenic mice

                            • Mandrup, Charlotte

                              Antisense and siRNA (MicroRNA), Blood (Leukemia development), Cancer (Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma, Lymphomas), DNA, Genetics (MicroRNA profiles), Immune system (B cell differentiation)

                              • Martensen, Pia Møller

                                Cancer (Apoptosis), Food and foodstuff technology, Immune system (Interferon), Pregnancy (Preeclampsia), Signals between and inside cells (Signal transduction pathways)

                                • Mortensen, Kim Kusk

                                  Artificial antibodies (Phage display antibodies (scfv)), Design of new proteins (Modular proteins, Phage display based metallo-enzymes), Development of new drugs, Evolutionary Trees (Phylogenetic typing of eu- and archaibacteria), Protein synthesis (Initiation factor IF1, Initiation factor IF2, Macromolecular interactions, Prokaryotic translation initiation, Protein structure-function relationship), Self-assembling systems

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