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  1. Bak, Jørgen Friis

    Solid state physics (Channeling, Radiation Damage)

    • Balling, Peter

      Lasers (Femtosecond lasers, Ultrashort laser pulses), Light, Microprocessing, Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Nanostructuring by ultrashort laser pulses), Optics, Photonics, Photonics, Surface physics (time-resolved core-level spectroscopy, time-resolved surface spectroscopy), Surface physics (Nanostructured surfaces)

      • Brodersen, Ditlev E.

        3D structures of large molecules, Electronic teaching aids, Enzymes and artificial enzymes, Nanobiotechnology (Automated micro- and nanoliter crystallisation), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Single particle electron microscopy), Nuclein acids, Protein structure (Protein and nucleic acid crystallography), Protein synthesis (Ribosome structure and function), RNA, Robots (Automated crystallisation screening), Structural Analysis (Visualisation and comparison of protein structures), Teaching goals and methods, Turnover and modification of RNA (RNA metabolism and -decay), X-ray crystallography

        • Julsgaard, Brian

          Lasers (Continuous-wave and pulsed lasers), Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Silicon nanocrystals), Photonics (Photo-luminescence)

          • Kiefer, Hjalte Vinther

            Biophysics (Molecular dissociation, Molecular Dynamics, Molecular structure and function, Photophysics), Storage rings

            • Lühr, Armin

              Accelerators (Dosimetry of Ions), Antimatter and antiparticles (Low-Engergy Antiproton Collisions), Atomic physics (Ion-Atom and Ion-Molecule Interactions), Biophysics (Radiobiology), Cancer (Ion Beam Cancer Therapy)

              • Philippsen, Bente

                Carbon 14 dating, Climate of the past (climate reconstruction with 14C dating and stable isotope analysis), Dating, Fjords (14C reservoir effect in fjords), Freshwater (freshwater reservoir effekt, hardwater effect), Hunter-gatherers (Ertebølle culture, Hunter-gatherer pottery), Land use (analysis of pottery -> distinguish terrestrial, marine and freshwater resources)