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  1. Hille, Sandra

    Biodiversity, Buffer zones (ecological services, Plant community ecology,), Environmental technology

    • Lykke-Andersen, Holger

      Denmark's geology (Seismic studies of meso- and cenozoic sequences), Environmental geophysics (Mapping of groundwater reservoirs), Greenland's geology (Marine geology/seismics), Hydrogeology (Hydrogeological models bsed on seismic data), Limestone (Sedimetary structures), North Pole and other Arctic areas (Seismic investigations in the Polar Sea), Oceanography (Seismic oceanography), Seismic surveys (High-res studies 0-2 km), Soil and stratigraphy (Seismic stratigraphic studies), Subsoil structure (Tectonics vs. sedimentation)

      • Marzocchi, Ugo

        Freshwater, Marine enviroment (Biogeochemistry, Microsensors, Nitrogen cycling)

        • Olsen, Saara Kaisa Maaria

          Aquatic ecosystems (climate change, Submerged macrophytes), Eutrophication (Nitrogen cycling, Trophic interactions), Freshwater

          • Philippsen, Bente

            Carbon 14 dating, Climate of the past (climate reconstruction with 14C dating and stable isotope analysis), Dating, Fjords (14C reservoir effect in fjords), Freshwater (freshwater reservoir effekt, hardwater effect), Hunter-gatherers (Ertebølle culture, Hunter-gatherer pottery), Land use (analysis of pottery -> distinguish terrestrial, marine and freshwater resources)

            • Wu, Naicheng

              Aquatic ecosystems (Bioassessment, Diatoms, Ecohydrology, Ecosystem functioning, River ecology)