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  1. Grønhøj, Alice

    Ecology (Consumption and the environment (ecology, waste, energy)), Market economics (Children and young people as consumers)

    • Kester, Johannes

      Cleaner technology (demand side management, electric vehicles, grid regulation, smart grids, vehicle-to-grid), Natural resources (Energy Policy, Food security, Natural resource politics, Scarcity), Politics of technology (ANT, STS, Transition studies), Security (Critical Security Studies, Energy Security, Governmentality, International Relations)

      • Mortensen, Peter

        Climate and culture (Climate change discourses, Climate literature), Ethics and sustainability (Literature, culture and sustainability), Film history (Disaster film, Representations of nature in film, Sciene Fiction), Literary epochs (Modern British and American literature, Modernism, Post-Romanticism, Postmodernism, Romanticism, Transcendentalism), Literary genres (Apocalyptic and postapocalyptic texts, Back-to-nature literature, Ecopoetry, Pastoral, Science Fiction, Utopian/dystopian fiction), Modernity (Alternative culture, Countercultures, Environmentalism, Political ecology), Text theory and analysis (Cultural Studies, Ecocriticism, Literature and technology, Modern literary theory, New Historicism)

        • Noel, Lance

          Climate policy (climate change mitigation, externalities), Climate technology (electric vehicles, V2G, wind energy), Environmental law (electricity law, public trust doctrine, state environmental law, wildlife law), Renewable energy sources (electric vehicles, offshore wind, V2G, wind energy)

          • Sovacool, Benjamin

            Ethics and sustainability (energy policy, energy security, renewble energy)

            • Thøgersen, John

              Consumer behaviour, Ecology (Organic food), Environmental labelling (Environmental labeling), Sustainability (Choice of transportation, Energy saving behavior, Recycling)