Environment, climate and energy

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  1. Ballantyne, Anne Gammelgaard

    Climate adaptation (ICT-based visualization), Communication theory, Environmental communication (climate change communication), Knowledge communication (Science communication)

    • Eilenberg, Michael

      Climate and society (Sustainability), Democracy and Citizens (Decentralization and local politics, Development ), Democracy and power, Ethnography, Greenhouse gasses (including CO2) (REDD+ Initiative), Other countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Afrika), State, Region and Municipality (state formation in Southeast Asia), Underdeveloped countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Tanzania)

      • Glasius, Marianne

        Analytical chemistry (Biooil analysis, High pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), HPLC-MS, Organic analytical chemistry), Arctic pollution, Atmospheric environment, Environmental chemistry (atmospheric chemistry, particles)

        • Grønhøj, Alice

          Ecology (Consumption and the environment (ecology, waste, energy)), Market economics (Children and young people as consumers)

          • Hille, Sandra

            Biodiversity, Buffer zones (ecological services, Plant community ecology,), Environmental technology

            • Lykke-Andersen, Holger

              Denmark's geology (Seismic studies of meso- and cenozoic sequences), Environmental geophysics (Mapping of groundwater reservoirs), Greenland's geology (Marine geology/seismics), Hydrogeology (Hydrogeological models bsed on seismic data), Limestone (Sedimetary structures), North Pole and other Arctic areas (Seismic investigations in the Polar Sea), Oceanography (Seismic oceanography), Seismic surveys (High-res studies 0-2 km), Soil and stratigraphy (Seismic stratigraphic studies), Subsoil structure (Tectonics vs. sedimentation)

              • Lysgaard, Jonas Andreasen

                Climate and culture (Education for Sustainable Development, Environmental Education), Philosophy of education and history of the concept of education (Folk high Schools)

                • Marzocchi, Ugo

                  Freshwater, Marine enviroment (Biogeochemistry, Microsensors, Nitrogen cycling)

                  • Mortensen, Peter

                    Climate and culture (Climate change discourses, Climate literature), Ethics and sustainability (Literature, culture and sustainability), Film history (Disaster film, Representations of nature in film, Sciene Fiction), Literary epochs (Modern British and American literature, Modernism, Post-Romanticism, Postmodernism, Romanticism, Transcendentalism), Literary genres (Apocalyptic and postapocalyptic texts, Back-to-nature literature, Ecopoetry, Pastoral, Science Fiction, Utopian/dystopian fiction), Modernity (Alternative culture, Countercultures, Environmentalism, Political ecology), Text theory and analysis (Cultural Studies, Ecocriticism, Literature and technology, Modern literary theory, New Historicism)

                    • Nabe-Nielsen, Jacob

                      Arctic environment, nature and ecology (Arctic plant communities), Behaviour and etology (Modelling, Movement ecology), Ecology (Landscape ecology), Plants, flowers and trees (Lianas, Tropical timber trees), Population biology (Individual-based modelling, Population dynamics)

                      • Noel, Lance

                        Climate policy (climate change mitigation, externalities), Climate technology (electric vehicles, V2G, wind energy), Environmental law (electricity law, public trust doctrine, state environmental law, wildlife law), Renewable energy sources (electric vehicles, offshore wind, V2G, wind energy)

                        • Olsen, Birgitte Egelund

                          Administrative law (Administrative law), Climate legislation (Climate control, Energy taxes, Waste control), Corporate social responsibility (CSR reportering, National Contact Points, OECD Guidelines, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, The Finansial Statements Act Section 99a), Enviromental law (Danish environment law, Environment and utility, Environmental taxes, EU environmental law, International environment law, International environmental control), International organisations (The relationship between WTO law and EU law, WTO law), Sustainability (Corporate environmental control, Environment and energy, Renewable sources of energy, Trade and environment)

                          • Olsen, Saara Kaisa Maaria

                            Aquatic ecosystems (climate change, Submerged macrophytes), Eutrophication (Nitrogen cycling, Trophic interactions), Freshwater

                            • Philippsen, Bente

                              Carbon 14 dating, Climate of the past (climate reconstruction with 14C dating and stable isotope analysis), Dating, Fjords (14C reservoir effect in fjords), Freshwater (freshwater reservoir effekt, hardwater effect), Hunter-gatherers (Ertebølle culture, Hunter-gatherer pottery), Land use (analysis of pottery -> distinguish terrestrial, marine and freshwater resources)

                              • Pilati, Matteo

                                Cultural inheritance (Archaeological heritage), Digital culture and communication (Digital heritage), Excavation techniques (Computer Vision, Image-based 3D recording, Photogrammetry), GIS (3DGIS), Philosophy of science (Archaeological theory , Epistemology, Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion, Objectivity), Simulation and analysis tools (3D reconstructions), Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive space (3D archaeology, Virtual archaeology)

                                • Plejdrup, Marlene Schmidt

                                  xxx (Emission inventories, Emission projection, Spatial distribution of emissions in GIS)

                                  • Raundrup, Katrine

                                    Arctic environment, nature and ecology (Caribou, Greenland, Individual-based modelling, Mega-industry, Vegetation), Population biology

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