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  1. Brandorff, Steffen

    Computers (Digital Audio), Digital music and sound (Music Notation and its Structure), Digital sound and music, Ear-nose-throat (Psychoacoustics), Signal processing of sound

    • Brynskov, Martin

      Computer Games, Digital Art and Culture, Augmented reality (media facades, mobile applications, Smart Cities, Urban media), Digital Media, Digital and physical spaces (New interaction technologies, Social interaction), Forms of interaction (iPhone, mobile ecologies, new forms of interaction, Urban interactions), Gender and technology (children and mobile/cell phones, children's popular culture, Facebook, social media, tweens), Globalisation, technology (Hyperlocal news), Interaction design (new interaction technologies), Interactive rooms, buildings and urban environments (interactive media facades), Mobile systems and interfaces (Asia, Japan, Keitai, mobile gaming, pervasive play, South Korea), Model-driven systems development (digital habitats, multi-disciplinary models for design), Models and logic for interactive systems, Pervasive computing interaction (children, play and games), Robots (children and technology), Spatial IT (GPS, location-based services, social spaces), Theories on use and interaction (computer semiotics), User participation in systems development (participatory design) (designing with children)

      • Clasen, Mathias

        Computer games (Horror, Survival horror), Film theory (Cognitive theory, Evolutionary theory), Historiography of literature, Literary genres (Apocalyptic and postapocalyptic texts, Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Science Fiction), Philosophy of science for the humanities, Text theory and analysis (Literary Darwinism), Video genres (Horror Film)

        • Dalsgaard, Inger H.

          Cultural contact (American culture), Digital literature, narration/storytelling, hypertext, net literature (Cyberpunk literature), Everyday life (American folk and consumer culture, Romantic fiction, Women in America), Fashion (19th century American women, Women in Politics), Film analysis (American movies), Identity (Asian-Americans), Literary epochs (Thomas Pynchon, US literature), Modernity (technology), Popular culture (Conspiracy culture, Disney, Marilyn Monroe), Social history (American First Ladies), USA, Visual art (American)

          • Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, Jens

            Computer games (Horror), Cultural change (Cultural Evolution), Ethical and moral forms of reasoning, Media theory and criticism (Biocultural theory), Modern aesthetic theory (Cognitive media theory), Popular culture, Psychology of cognition (Evolutionary psychology, Moral psychology), Social psychology (Social psychology of moral judgment)

            • Larsen, Ane Hejlskov

              Avant-garde (Fluxus, repetition, Per Kirkeby), Contemporary art (Postmodern Art), Digital museology (Virtual museums, their history and technology), Museum communication (Cybermuseology), Museums (history, layout, architecture, functions)

              • Mygind, Sarah

                Books as a medium (including digital literature) (Bog-objekter, Bogens materialitet, Boghistorie, Publishing studies), Childrens literature, Digital aesthetics, Digital literature, narration/storytelling, hypertext, net literature, Literary institutions (Kulturkritik, Publishing studies), Multimediality/cross-mediality (Adaptation , Transmedia storytelling, Transmedia worldbuilding), Text theory and analysis, The literary market (Book History, Publishing studies), Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive space

                • Pilati, Matteo

                  Cultural inheritance (Archaeological heritage), Digital culture and communication (Digital heritage), Excavation techniques (Computer Vision, Image-based 3D recording, Photogrammetry), GIS (3DGIS), Philosophy of science (Archaeological theory , Epistemology, Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion, Objectivity), Simulation and analysis tools (3D reconstructions), Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive space (3D archaeology, Virtual archaeology)

                  • Sorensen, Elsebeth Korsgaard

                    Communication theory (Cognitive Theories of Communication and Learning, Cybernetic Theories of Communication and Learning, Social Theories of Communication and Learning), Competence development, creativity and innovation (Communities of Practice (CoP), Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Digital Dialogic Learning (DDL), Learning-to-learn (L2L), LifeLong Learning (LLL), Meta Learning (ML)), Computer games (Game design as e-learning), Conversation (Principles of Digital Dialogue), Democracy and power (Democratic e-Learning for Intercultural Citizenship, Designing for Intercultural Competencies, Digital illiteracy, e-Learning for Global Democratic Citizenship, e-Learning for Learner Empowerment), Digital and physical spaces (Design of Learning Across Digital and Physical Spaces, Design of Learning Across Media), IT and knowledge sharing (Design of Digital Knowledge Sharing), IT and learning (Design Based Research, IT in 3rd level Education, IT in Distance Education, IT in Higher Education, IT in LifeLong Learning, IT in Teacher Education), IT in the education system (Use of Desk Top Video Conferencing (VMEs), Use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), Use of Web 2.0 Technologies, Use of WhiteBoard Technologies in Highschools), IT pedagogics and didactics (Design of Teaching and Learning Across Media), Interpersonal communication on the internet (Design of Digital Democratic Dialogue), Research method (fieldwork, qualitative and ethnographic methods) (Design Based Research, Educational Design)

                    • Szatkowski, Janek

                      Digital aesthetics, Digital installations, Drama analysis, Dramaturgy (dramaturgical models, Theatre and Drama in Education), Modern drama, Theatre analysis (Performance analysis)

                      • Tiidenberg, Katrin

                        Digital culture, net culture, hacker culture, software culture, Internet (communities, photography, self-presentation, selfies, social media, visual culture), Qualitative Methods (digital social research methods, ethnography, research ethics, visual methods)

                        • Wamberg, Jacob

                          Avant-garde (Bioart, Cubism and Futurism, Duchamp, Land Art), History of historical understanding (Art historiography), Theory and History of Aesthetics (Art, technology, nature, Big History, Biosemiotics, Cultural Evolution, Deep History, Posthumanism), Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive space (Bioart), Visual analysis