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  1. Christensen, Andres Wulff Vissing

    Political history (Confessionalization, Political culture, Secularization and religion, State Building)

    • Jensen, Mette Frisk

      Modern History, Denmark (history of administration in Denmark 1660 - 1900, history of corruption in Denmark,)

      • Koefoed, Nina Javette

        Cultural history, Gender (marriage, sexuality), Hierarchy and status, History of gender, Meeting of cultures, Political history (absolutism, State building and social resistance), Power and politics (political women)

        • Rasmussen, Carsten Porskrog

          Agriculture (manors), Cultural history (manors, princes), Economic history (agrarian history, manors, nobility), Political history (absolutism, schleswig-holstein), Renaissance, Denmark, Town and country (agrarian history, manors, nobility)