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  1. Grumsen, Stine Slot

    Advertising aesthetics (History of Advertising 1850-1950 in British and Danish context, Science and Advertising), Communication of science (the History of Science Communication), Historical method and research techniques, Historiography (the historiography of history of ideas, literary history and history of science), History of ideas/science for the sciences (Charles Darwin, Danish and British science in the 19th and 20th century, Public Understanding of Science, Science and Advertising, Science and Popular Culture, The history of the theory of evolution), Image and text, Rhetorical analysis, Science and religion (in a historical perspective, the use of scientific vocabulary by religious movements)

    • Møller, Andreas Hjort

      History of ideas/science for the humanities (The history of philology), Literary epochs (Friedrich Schlegel, German classicism and romanticism), Modern aesthetics (starting with Baumgarten), Text theory and analysis (The fragment as a literary genre)