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  1. Kier-Byfield, Sophia

    Education and citizenship (Critical pedagogy, Feminist pedagogy, Neoliberal university), Essay writing and cultural journalism (Composition, Creative/critical writing), Literary genres (Short Fiction, Short story theory), Photography (European modernism, History of Photography, Literature and Photography, Visual cultures), Text theory and analysis (English studies, Feminist theory)

    • Krøgholt, Ida

      Dramatic art (Traditions in mise en scenes), Dramaturgy (Applied dramaturgy in mise en scenes), Globalisation (Worldart: Theatrical and performative actions in perspective of globalisation), Philosophy of education and history of the concept of education (Arts in education and formation)

      • Larsen, Svend Erik

        Cultural change (forgiveness, individual and cultural memory), Globalisation (literature and globalization), Historiography of literature, Literary epochs (Europe after 1700), Modernity (urban culture), Narrativity/storytelling (the function of storytelling), Philosophy of education and history of the concept of education ('Bildung' and secondary education), Poetics, poetry and philosophy (conceptions of nature, memory), Semiotics and semiology (discourse analysis, literary and cultural semiotics), Structuralism, World literature (globalization and literature)

        • Petersen, Margrethe

          English syntax (English grammar), Text construction and theory (Scientific text production), The idea and intellectual history of the university (Academic genres), Translation methods (Language policy)