Michael Vigsø

PhD Student

Michael Vigsø
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PhD project description:

Large breaking waves has been observed in areas of the North Sea that are normally not encountered. The potential impact of these extreme breaking waves on offshore installations is yet to be fully understood. Despite numerous models on load estimates from breaking waves by recognised parties such as DNV GL, the full-scale impact from these extreme waves remains uncertain. Many small-scale tests have been conducted with the aim of describing the kinematics of the breaking waves. However, due to the nature of the breaking wave such as nonlinearities and significant scaling effects, further investigation is needed in order to evaluate the response on real structures.

The aim is to use system identification techniques such as Operational Modal Analysis, OMA, and Autoregressive Moving Average, ARMA, to evaluate indirectly the effect of extreme sea states on offshore installations through the structural response. Throughout the project, the objectives are to gather new knowledge about wave loads and statistics of abnormal waves and possibly improve the basis of design. 

The project is carried out in close co-operation between Department of Engineering at Aarhus University and the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre DHRTC, also referred to as Centre for Oil and Gas – DTU.

PhD project title:
InDirect Estimation of Loads from Abnormal Waves

ID: 101961310