Eva Mortensen

Research Assistant

Eva Mortensen

At the moment I focus on Gerasa, Palmyra and the southwestern part of Asia Minor. I work primarily with editorial asignments, digital archives, old travel accounts, conference and exhibition organisation and research dissemination.

In my PhD project, Narratives and memories in the cityscape: Encountering heroes in cities of south-western Asia Minor at the onset of Roman rule (finished in June 2016), I focused on how heroes were employed in the cityscape of Ionian and Karian cities as these became part of the Roman Empire. The recollection of the past as well as the anticipations for the future helped shape the identity of each city and this is manifested in the cityscape. In this interplay, the heroes of the cities were significant. The heroes composed essential building blocks of the past and of the identity of the cities; they founded, ruled, fought for and gained prestige for their cities. Thus, they were heroes of the past as well as for the future, and therefore they often received prominent places in the cityscape. The project combines archaeological, literary and epigraphic sources in order to illustrate the visibility of the heroes in the urban landscape of different cities. An especially important point in the project is that both traditional heroes and ‘new’ benefactor heroes are viewed together, since both types of heroes had a great part to play in the identity formation of the cities and in the collective consciousness and memory of the inhabitants.

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