Department of Economics and Business Economics

John Kennes

Associate professor

John Kennes



Associate Professor
Member of Industrial Organisation and Trade Section

Education: PhD
Position: Associate Professor, 2006
Research Secretaries: Mette Vad Andersen and Susan Stilling

John Kennes is a Canadian citizen who has lived in Denmark for over ten years. He is a core scientific member/academic partner in many centres of research in Denmark including CFEM (Centre for Research in the Foundation of Electronic Markets), CAP (Cycles, Adjustment, and Policy), LMDG (Labor Market Dynamics Group), CIE (Centre for Industrial Economics) and CAM (Centre for Applied Microeconometrics). He has published numerous scientific articles related to the problem of how to depict market structures and the effects of incentives and market design

Teaching Interests

  • Search and matching
  • Microeconomics

Research Interests

  • Health
  • Marriage, divorce, and children
  • Unemployment and work
  • Daycare and School assignment
  • Payment systems
  • Reputation systems

Selected Publications

  • Kennes, J., I. King, B. Julien (2008), Bidding for Money, Journal of Economic Theory
  • Kennes, J. and A. Schiff (2008), Quality Infomediation in Search Markets, International Journal of Industrial Organization
  • Kennes, J. and A. Schiff (2007), Simple Reputation Systems, Scandinavian Journal of Economics
  • Kennes, J., I. King, B. Julien (2006), Residual Wage Dispersion and Coordination Unemployment, International Economic Review
  • Kennes, J. I. King, B. Julien (2007), The Mortensen Rule and Efficient Coordination Unemployment, Economics Letters
  • Kennes, J., I. King, B. Julien (2000), Bidding for Labor, Review of Economic Dynamics.

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