Department of Economics and Business Economics

John Kennes

Associate professor

John Kennes


Associate Professor
PhD (Econ), University of Western Ontario, 1996

Member of Industrial Organisation and Trade Section
Research Secretaries: Susan Stilling and Mette Vad Andersen


Teaching Interests

  • Search and matching
  • Microeconomics

Research Interests

  • Health
  • Marriage, divorce, and children
  • Unemployment and work
  • Daycare and School assignment
  • Payment systems
  • Reputation systems

Selected Publications

  • Kennes, J., I. King, B. Julien (2008), Bidding for Money, Journal of Economic Theory
  • Kennes, J. and A. Schiff (2008), Quality Infomediation in Search Markets, International Journal of Industrial Organization
  • Kennes, J. and A. Schiff (2007), Simple Reputation Systems, Scandinavian Journal of Economics
  • Kennes, J., I. King, B. Julien (2006), Residual Wage Dispersion and Coordination Unemployment, International Economic Review
  • Kennes, J. I. King, B. Julien (2007), The Mortensen Rule and Efficient Coordination Unemployment, Economics Letters
  • Kennes, J., I. King, B. Julien (2000), Bidding for Labor, Review of Economic Dynamics.

ID: 1611082