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Johanna Seibt
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 Johanna Seibt specializes in the areas of analytical ontology and metaphysics.  Over the last two decades she has been engaged in working out the foundations of a new process ontology.   In this context she has investigated the methodological assumptions of standard analytical ontology, presented an axiomatic characterization of substance ontology, and discussed the identity and persistence of objects and persons. She endorses Carnap's early insight that 'ontology'--structural descriptions of referential domains--can and should be metaphysically neutral.  She criticizes the substance paradigm ("myth of substance") in analytical ontology, which she defines in terms of 20 presuppositions. As she tries to show, General Process Theory, a process ontology that abandons  all of the presuppositions of the traditional substance paradigm, can accommodate the ontological commitments of both common sense and science.

She is also known as an interpreter of Sellars' philosophy; her two books on Sellars were the first comprehensive interpretations of Sellars' work in English (1990) and in German (2007).  Her other research interests pertain to the philosophy of dialogue and, most recently, the philosophy of social robotics.  She currently holds a Chair in "Transdisciplinary Process Studies for Integrated Social Robotics." Her most recent project in "Integrative Social Robotics", involving 25 researchers from 10 disciplines from the Humanities, Social and Human Sciences, and Robotics, is supported by a Semper Ardens grant from the Carlsberg Foundation.

For current research organization see  www.robophilosophy.org   and www.transor.org

She teaches in the International MA Programme in Philosophy at Aarhus.



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