Raffaele Rodogno

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Raffaele Rodogno
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My research focuses on topics in ethics, legal and social philosophy, and the emotions. In particular, I have written on well-being, metaethical sentimentalism, welfarism, rights, the environment, punishment, restorative justice, and shame and guilt. My method is philosophical and empirically informed.


These days I am working with issues in philosophical methodology, and, more specifically, with the question of the relevance of psychology and neuroscience to ethics. I am tackling this question (1) systematically, by mapping out the modes in which science can and should affect ethical claims and theorising; and (2) punctually, by, for example, examining the way in which the psychology of moral judgement in normal and special -- e.g., autistic -- populations affects and should affect our moral theories. My long term project is to publish a philosophical, though empirically informed, monograph on Emotions, Law, and Morality.

I am a member of the Cognition and Culture project at MINDLab and co-ordinator of the autism@aarhus network. I collaborate with members of the Swiss Center for the Affective Sciences and the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics.


I have taught courses in Ethics, Applied Ethics, History of Ethics, Political and Legal Philosophy, Philosophy of Action, the Emotions, Cogntive Neuroscience, and Moral Responsibility.





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