Multi-type facility location with non-linear cost

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Andreas Klose - Lecturer

  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
The literature on discrete facility location often assumes all costs to be linear. In practice, however, it is likely that parts of the cost are non-linear. Convex throughput cost arise, e.g., in facility location models with congestion if customer waiting times are penalized in the objective function. Moreover, economies of scale
often occur in transportation and give raise to concave transportation cost functions. For both types of non-linearities, this paper investigates a Lagrangean
relaxation approach to a multi-type capacitated facility location problem that yields a non-linear knapsack problem as a part of the Lagrangean subproblem.
Emneord: Facility Location, non-linear cost, Lagrangean relaxation
4 Sep 2008

Event (Conference)

TitleInternational Conference on Operations Research 2008 - OR and Global Business


  • Facility Location, non-linear cost, Lagrangean relaxation

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