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Per Mouritsen


Per Mouritsen
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Nuværende forskningsområder:

Medborgerskab i Danmark og medborgerskabets politiske sociologi. Statsborgerskab, integration og integrationspolitik i Norden og Nordvesteuropa. National identitet og nationalisme.

Finansierede projekter siden 2000:

  • ‘When do children of immigrants thrive? How schooling and politics affect civic and educational outcomes’. (ASSISI). Director in Comparative (DK-SWE) project with 5 researchers from Department of Political Science Aarhus and 2 researchers from IMER/Malmö Högskala, 2016-19 ( 6,2 million).
  • GovCit - ‘Governing and Experiencing Citizenship in Multicultural Scandinavia’. National PI in comparative project (NO-SWE-DK), led by Institute for Social Research & PRIO, Norway,  Norwegian Research Council (VAM), 2015-19 ( 1,4 million)
  • ACT – ‘Active Citizenship in Culturally and Religiously Diverse Societies’. National PI in comparative project (NO-DK), led by PRIO in Oslo, Norwegian Research Council (SAMKUL), 2014-18 ( 1,4 million)
  • ACCEPT PLURALISM: Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion: Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe 2010-2012 (National PI in 17 partner comparative project under the EU seventh framework program,Theme SSH-2009 - 3.3.1, Tolerance and Cultural Diversity)
  • EMILIE - A European Approach to Multicultural Citizenship. Legal, Political and Educational Challenges 2005-9 (National PI in 9 partner comparative project under EU sixth framework program, priority 7, Citizens and Governance)
  • CiviTurn - Citizenship Integration in North-western Europe 2008-2011 (small 4-country comparative project with junior partners from the Netherlands, Germany and Britain, financed by Aarhus University’s Social Science faculty’s Globalisation initiative and the Sportgoods Foundation)
  • Danish Citizenship - Danish book project, financed by the Sportgoods Foundation (2009-12)
  • Danish Public Service Radio and TV on the Conditions of Journalism: Developments, Visions, Dilemmas, an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional project at Aarhus University (Political Science, Media Studies) and the Danish School of Journalism, 2006-2008, financed by the National Radio and TV-Council in Denmark.
  • Elite skepticism and conceptions of 'the people' in Danish EU-debate (part of Danish Social Science Research Council-project, 2003-6)


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