Mikael Skou Andersen


Mikael Skou Andersen



Mikael Skou Andersen: professor of environmental policy analysis in Department of Environmental Science and also associated Department of Agroecology.


My research addresses the greening of the economy, with focus on policy instruments, regulations and external costs related to environment and energy, especially the relationship between market-based instruments, governance institutions and technological innovations as a remedy for preventive and foresighted policies. My research has frequently been interdisciplinary, connecting with insights and models from the natural sciences, aiming to inform policy making in specific areas, including air pollution, heavy metals, nitrate leaching, drinking water supply, waste water management, waste management and climate mitigation. I am presently coordinating research between Dept of Agroecology and Dept of Environment in the multidisciplinary BIOBASE platform regarding bio-based technologies. I am member of the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency (EEA) with responsibility for environment and climate policy evaluation.


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