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Michael S. Dahl


Michael S. Dahl
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior
Aarhus University
Department of Management
Bartholins Allé 10, 1326-121
8000 Aarhus
Phone: +45 3095 9984

Ph.D., Economics of Innovation, Knowledge and Technical Change, Aalborg University, 26 January
M.Sc., Industrial Economics, Aalborg University, 1999
B.Sc. Economics, Aalborg University, 1997
Employment and affiliations
Aarhus University, Department of Management
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior, November 2015–
Aalborg University, Department of Business and Management
Professor of Economics of Entrepreneurship and Organizations, November 2012–Present (On leave).
Professor of Economics with Special Responsibilities in Entrepreneurship and Organizations, January
2010–October 2012.
Associate Professor, August 2007–December 2009
Assistant Professor (joint with CTIF, Department of Electronic Systems), August 2004–July 2007
Stanford University
Visiting Research Scholar, Stanford Graduate School of Business, June–August 2015.
Visiting Research Scholar, Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research, January–July 2010.
Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Social and Decision Sciences
Visiting Professor, March–June 2007.
Visiting Scholar, Professor Steven Klepper, August–December 2002.
Aalborg University, Department of Electronic Systems
Assistant Research Professor, Center for Teleinfrastructure, February–July 2004
Technical University of Eindhoven, Eindhoven Center for Innovation Studies
Visiting Scholar, Professor Bart Verspagen, February–June 2002

Honors, Awards and Grants
Honors and Awards
Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2015 (with Mirjam van Praag and Peter Thompson)
Best Paper Award, European Meeting of Applied Evolutionary Economics 2011 (with Pernille Gjerløv-Juel)
Best Paper Award, European Management Review 2009 (with Olav Sorenson)
Tietgen Gold Medal Research Award 2006 (13,500 euros)
Spar Nord Foundation Research Award 2005 (34,000 euros)
Tuborg Foundation Business Research Award 2001 (20,000 euros)

Grants >2,500 euros
European Research Council Consolidator Grant 2014, Final stage, not granted.
Research project, Danish Industry Association (Industriens Fond) 2013 (with Anders Frederiksen and Lars Frederiksen, 300,000 euros)
Research project, Independent Research Council | Social Science (FSE) 2012 (440,000 euros)
European Research Council Starting Grant (Consolidator) 2012, Final stage, Recommended for funding, but not granted.
Research project, Aalborg City Council 2012 (with Kristian Nielsen, 13,500 euros)
Research project, Tænketanken DEA 2012 (with Pernille Gjerløv-Juel, 20,000 euros)
Research project, Independent Research Council | Social Science (FSE) 2008 (320,000 euros)
Conference, Oticon Foundation 2008 (with Keld Laursen and Steven Klepper, 20,000 euros)
Conference, Independent Research Council | Social Science (FSE) 2008 (with Keld Laursen and Steven Klepper, 13,400 euros)
Research project, Rockwool Foundation 2007 (430,000 euros)
Travel, Marie Curie Fellowship Exchange Grant 2002 (4,400 euros)

Articles in peer-reviewed international journals
“Geography, Joint Choices and the Reproduction of Gender Inequality" (with Olav Sorenson), American
Sociological Review, in print (2016).
“Whom do New Firms hire?" (with Steven Klepper), Industrial and Corporate Change, 24(4), 819-836
“The Who, Why and How of Spin-offs" (with Olav Sorenson), Industrial and Corporate Change, 23(2),
661-688 (2014).
“In Sickness and in Wealth: The Psychological and Sexual Costs of Income Comparison in Marriage"
(with Lamar Pierce and Jimmi Nielsen), Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39(3), 359-374 (2013).
“Fatherhood and Managerial Style: How a Male CEO’s Children Affect the Wages of His Employees"
(with Cristian Dezso and David Gaddis Ross), Administrative Science Quarterly, 57(4), 669-693 (2012).
“Home Sweet Home: Entrepreneurs’ Location Choices and Performance of their New Ventures" (with
Olav Sorenson), Management Science, 54(6), 1059-1071 (2012).
“Organizational Change and Employee Stress", Management Science, 53(2) 240-256 (2011).
“Patterns and Collaborators of Innovation in the Primary Sector: A study of the Danish Agriculture,
Forestry and Fishery Industry" (with Jesper L. Christensen, Rene N. Nielsen, Søren Eliasen and Christian R. Østergaard), Industry and Innovation, 18(2) 203-225 (2011).
“The Effects of Becoming an Entrepreneur on the Use of Psychotropics among Entrepreneurs and their Spouses" (with Jimmi Nielsen and Ramin Mojtabai), Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 38(8) 857-863 (2010).
“The Social Attachment to Place" (with Olav Sorenson), Social Forces, 89(2) 633-658 (2010).
“The Devil Dwells in the Tails: A Quantile Regression Approach to Firm Growth" (with Toke Reichstein, Bernd Ebersberger, and Morten B. Jensen), Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 20(2) 219-231(2010).
“The Migration of Technical Workers" (with Olav Sorenson), Journal of Urban Economics, 67(1) 33-45 (2010).
“The Embedded Entrepreneur" (with Olav Sorenson), European Management Review, 6(3) 172-181 (2009).

Recipient: 2009 Best Paper Award, European Management Review
“Are You Experienced? Prior Experience and the Survival of New Organizations" (with Toke Reichstein),
Industry and Innovation, 14(5) 497-511 (2007).
“The Danish ICT Sector in an International Perspective: A Mismatch between Demand and Supply"
(with Christian Ø. R. Pedersen and Bent Dalum), Info, 8(4) 85-99 (2006)
“Social Networks in the R&D Process: The Case of the Wireless Communication Industry Around Aalborg, Denmark" (with Christian Ø. R. Pedersen), Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, 22(1-2) 75-92 (2005) “Knowledge Flows through Informal Contacts in Industrial Clusters: Myth or Reality?" (with Christian
Ø. R. Pedersen), Research Policy, 33(10) 1673-1682 (2004)
“Are Firm Growth Rates Random? Patterns and Dependencies" (with Toke Reichstein), International Review of Applied Economics, 18(2) 225-246 (2004)

Articles in peer-reviewed Danish journals
“Født til Succes? Knopskydninger som kilde til innovation [Born for Success? Spin-offs as sources of innovation]", Ledelse & Erhvervsøkonomi, 68(4) 285-292 (2004) 
Jagten på fremtidens nye vækstvirksomheder (with Pernille G. Jensen and Kristian Nielsen), DJØF Forlag (2009)
Jagten på fremtidens nye vækstvirksomheder - Resumé (with Pernille G. Jensen and Kristian Nielsen), DJØF Forlag (2009)

Book chapters
“Spin-off Growth and Job Creation: Evidence on Denmark" (with Pernille Gjerløv-Juel) in Guido Buenstorf
(ed.) (2012), Evolution, Organization and Economic Behavior, Edward Elgar. ISBN: 978-1-84980-628-2. “Emergence of regional clusters: the role of spinoffs in the early growth process" (with Christian R. Østergaard and Bent Dalum) in Ron Boschma and Ron Martin (ed.) Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography", Edward Elgar (2010)

“Regions with Comprehensive Technical Universities: The Case of Aalborg, Luleå and Oulu" (with Håkon Ylinenpää and Bent Dalum) in Jan Evert-Nilsson (ed.) The Role of Universities in Regional Innovation Systems - A Nordic Perspective, Copenhagen Business School Press (2006)
“Knowledge Flows in the Danish ICT Sector: The Paradox of Advanced Demand and Mediocre Supply" (with Christian Ø. R. Pedersen and Bent Dalum) in Yannis Caloghirou et al. (eds) Knowledge Flows in European Industry, Routledge (2006)
“Virksomhedsklynger" (with Jesper L. Christensen) in John Johansen & Jens Ove Riis (eds) Fremtidens produktion i Danmark: Antologi, Dansk Industri (2004)
“The Construction Cluster in Denmark" (with Bent Dalum) in Pim den Hertog et al. (eds) Innovative Clusters: Drivers in National Innovation Systems, OECD (2001)
“The ICT Cluster in Denmark" (with Bent Dalum) in Pim den Hertog et al. (eds) Innovative Clusters: Drivers in National Innovation Systems, OECD (2001)

Invited seminar presentations Norwegian Schoool of Economics (2016) Linköbing University (2014), European School of Management and Technology (2013), University of Kassel (2013), University of Amsterdam (2013), University of Southern Denmark (2012), University of Zurich (2012), University of Stirling (2012), Scancor, Stanford University (2010), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2009), Imperial College London (2008), Harvard Business School (2007), Stanford Graduate School of Business (2007), Carnegie Mellon University (2007), London Business School (2005), Copenhagen Business School (2005, 2007, 2012, 2016), Max Planck Institute for Economic Research (2005, 2010), Aarhus School of Business (2004, 2011), Eindhoven Center for Innovation Studies (2002), George Washington University (2001)
Teaching PhDs Second advisor, Nazanin Eftekhari (Ph.D. expected 2017), “Consequences of Entrepreneurial Failure" Main advisor, Juan Martin Carriquiry (Ph.D. expected 2017), “Mergers, Acquisitions and Mobility" Second advisor, Diane Filip (Ph.D. expected 2016), “University-Industry Collaboration, Entrepreneurship and Regional Business Development"
Main advisor (2011-2016), Annemarie Østergaard (Ph.D. expected 2017),  “Psychology of Entrepreneurship" Main advisor, Pernille Gjerløv Jensen (Ph.D. completed 2012), “Firm Outcomes of Organizational Disruption", Now at Aalborg University
Second advisor, Christine Isakson (Copenhagen Business School, Ph.D. completed 2013), “Peer-Effects and Mobility of Danish Maritime Officers", Now at Stanford University and Santa Clara University. Main advisor, Kristian Nielsen (Ph.D. completed 2011), “Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Entrepreneurship", Now Tenured Associate Professor at Aalborg University Main advisor, Bram Timmermans (Ph.D. completed 2010), “Human Resources and Firm Performance", Now Tenured Associate Professor at Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen. 
Bachelor and Master level Master of Business Administration (MBA), Strategy, Competition and Innovation (2013–) (Average rating:4.6/5, 2016: 4.6)Master of Business Administration (MBA), Power and Influencing (OB) (2013–) (Average rating: 4.5/5, 2016: 4.7)
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Economics for Managers (2012-2016) (Average rating: 4.5/5, 2016: 4.4)
Head of Studies, Master of Innovation Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (2010-2011)
Entrepreneurship, Master of Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (2010–2013)
Macroeconomics, Economics and Business, 2./3. semester (2005-2009, 2011-2012)
International Economics, Economics, 6. semester (2006)
Innovation and Industrial Dynamics, Master of Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (2004-2005),
Innovation and Competence Systems, Master of Innovation, Knowledge and Economic Dynamics (2005)
Supervisor on numerous bachelor and master theses in economics and business economics (2004–).

University services
Member of the PhD Council, Department of Management (2016–present)
Member of the Independent Research Council | Social Science (Det Frie Forskningsråd | Samfund og Erhverv, FSE) (2013–present) (Chair of Economics Section, 2014–2015)
Member of the Board of Directors, DRUID (2006–2015)
Deputy Director, DRUID (2011–2014)
Head of Ph.D. Program, Department of Business Studies (2007–2009)
Department representative, Ph.D. Study Board, Faculty of Social Sciences (2008–2009)
Member of Economics Group, Bibliographic Research Indicator, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (2008–2013)

Editorial services
Associate Editor, Industrial and Corporate Change (2013–present)

Ad-hoc referee for (2004–present):
Management Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, American Sociological Review, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Urban Economics, Social Forces, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Small Business Economics, European Management Review, Physiology & Behavior, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, Regional Studies, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Papers in Regional Science, European Planning Studies, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Ledelse & Erhvervsøkonomi, Danish Journal of Management, US National Science Foundation (NSF), Management Revue, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, DRUID Conferences, Academy of Management Annual Meetings

PhD committees:
Eliane Choquette, Aarhus University (2013)
Martin Senderovitz, University of Southern Denmark (2011)
Conference organization:
Professional Development Workshop Chair, DRUID Society Conference 2016 (400 participants)
Professional Development Workshop Chair, DRUID Society Conference 2015 (400 participants)
Professional Development Workshop Chair, DRUID Society Conference 2014 (400 participants)
Committee, DRUID-DIME Winter PhD Conference 2013 (90 participants)
Committee, DRUID-DIME Winter PhD Conference 2012 (80 participants)
Committee, DRUID-DIME Winter PhD Conference 2011 (80 participants)
Committee, Schumpeter Conference 2010 (325 participants)
Co-chair, CCC PhD Conference 2009 (75 participants)
Chair, DRUID-DIME Winter PhD Conference 2009 (80 participants)
Committee, DRUID Summer Conference 2008 (400 participants)
Chair, DRUID-DIME Winter PhD Conference 2008 (80 participants)
Chair, DRUID-DIME Winter PhD Conference 2007 (70 participants)
Program coordinator, DRUID-DIME Winter Conference 2007 (70 participants)

Academy of Management (2006–Present)
American Economic Association (2012–Present)
Danish Economics Society (2008–Present)

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