Mette Løvschal

PhD, Lektor

Mette Løvschal

I investigate the earliest emergence of linear boundaries in a cross-regional, long-term perspective. I am particularly engaged in developing methods and theoretical approaches to map and explore how they spread and developed, as well as the socio-cultural consequences of fencing processes.

I have recently received Aarhus University Research Foundation's PhD prize and Sapere Aude Forskertalent 1

During the coming years I will be working on two postdoc projects: Time and causality: a non-linear approach to prehistoric landscape changes granted by the Danish Council for Independent Research and Krigsafslutning – efterkrigsritualer i Nordeuropa 200 f.Kr. - 200 e.Kr. granted by the Carlsberg Foundation.

I am also part of several cross-disciplinary projects focusing on long-term changes in land tenure: Europe's Forgotten Fields (EFF) and The Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative. At the moment I am working on a deep-time, satellite-based mapping of accelerating processes of fencing in MMC and its social consequences in cooperation with Peder Klith Bøcher (Bioscience) and Lars Bach (ICOA).

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