Jingbo Li


Jingbo Li


Project title: Processing technology for value proposition of lipid ingredients                           

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Zheng Guo            

Project period: Oct. 2014 to Sep. 2017   


Project description
Lipid ingredients based on vegetable oils are essential elements in modern food industry representing high nutritional value and functionality. Present industrial refining processes and technology however often result in the loss of valuable accompanying minor lipid ingredients which are released as waste streams in different refining stages.

This project aims to develop industrially viable processes for a more efficient utilization of the lipidic components in vegetable oils, for the benefit of resource efficiency and economic sustainability of the industry. Continues R&D in emerging bioprocessing methods and technology is required to ensure an increasingly more efficient and sustainable production of food ingredients and bioenergy. The ultimate goal of this project includes development of scientific and technological toolboxes covering the full production line of a vegetable oil biorefinery, where the efficiency and ecological footprint of the process and the quality and physical indexes of the products are beyond state of the art.

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