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Jesper Rosenberg Hansen


Jesper Rosenberg Hansen


Associate Professor

Education: PhD, cand.mag./MA in Business Administration and Philosophy
Postition: Associate Professor
Administrative Assistant:

Jesper Rosenberg Hansen is Associate Professor (from 2013). He received his Ph.D. at Aarhus University in 2010. His research focuses on application of management theory in relation to public organizations and differences between public and private organizations. Among other things he has studied strategic management, organizational behavior, leadership, contracting out and sector switching. Jesper has paper published in journals such as Administration & Society, British Journal of Management, Industrial Marketing Management, International Public Management Journal and Public Management Review. Formerly, he has been working for the County of Aarhus.


Research Interests

  • Differences between public organizations and private companies
  • Application of management theory in public organizations
  • Sector switching
  • Strategic Management in public organizations
  • Contracting out in public organizations
  • Organizational behavior and leadership in public organizations

Teaching Interests

  • Strategy and Management in Public and Public-Private Organizations (Project based master course)
  • Strategy (Bachelor course)

Selected Publications

  • R. Bysted and J.R.Hansen, 2015. Comparing public and private sector employees' innovative behaviour: Understanding the role of job and organizational characteristics, job types and subsectors. Public Management Review. 17(5): 698-717.
  • A. Frederiksen and J.R. Hansen (forthcoming). The increased importance of sector switching; A study of trends over a 27 year period. Administration & Society.
  • J.R. Hansen, 2014. From Public to Private Sector: Motives and Explanations for Sector Switching.  Public Management Review. 16(4): 590-607.
  • J R. Hansen, 2011. Application of Strategic Management Tools after an NPM Inspired Reform: Strategy as Practice in Danish Schools. Administration & Society. 43(7):770-806.
  • J.R. Hansen and E. Ferlie, 2016. Applying strategic management theories in public sector organizations: Developing a Typology. Public Management Review. 18(1): 1-19.
  • J.R. Hansen and C.B. Jacobsen, 2016. Changing strategy processes and strategy content in public sector organisations? A longitudinal case study of the influence of NPM reforms on strategic management. British Journal of Management. 27(2): 373-389.
  • J.R. Hansen, N.P. Mols and A.R. Villadsen, 2011. Internal or External Production and Satisfaction with the Chosen Sourcing in Danish Municipalities: Different Theoretical Explanations. Local Government Studies. 37(6):621-646.
  • J.R. Hansen and A.R. Villadsen, 2010. Comparing Public and Private Managers' Leadership Styles: Understanding the Role of Job Context. International Public Management Journal, 13(3): 247-274.

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