Daina Romeo


Daina Romeo


I’m an environmental scientist with a focus on sustainability assessment. My PhD, supervised by Prof. Marianne Thomsen, is part of the EU funded H2020 project DECISIVE (DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE) and focuses on the environmental and socio-economic assessment of local organic waste management systems.

Considering the share of biowaste in the total waste production, and the trend in cities expansion, a business-as-usual management of biowaste will result in a growing amount of nutrients and resources imported to the city and then discarded outside of it (linear urban metabolism). The Decisive project presents instead a circular management of waste as a resource for agricultural production in the urban and periurban area. In particular, the project proposes micro scale anaerobic digestion and solid state fermentation as potential ways to valorize urban biowaste locally. I will therefore use Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate the environmental and socio-economic impacts of implementing this management system compared to conventional systems, assess the monetary value of externalities and analyse the dynamic of relevant elements in the system.​

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