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Sheela Katuwal


Phd project: Flow and transport in structured soils: Linking state-of-the-art soil physical measurements with porous media visualization

Recent advances in soil visualization of pore network properties by e.g. X-ray computed tomography (CT) allow us to look into soil inner space and observe its architecture in the form of inter-related pore and particle networks. However, at the soil column scale, these techniques provide only identification or quantification of limited parts of the pore network, typically, only the larger pores. To determine whether the observed large-pore networks are functional and inter-related with the remaining pore networks in regards to flow and transport of fluids and solutes, we need to combine visualization with appropriate bulk scale measurements. Thus, the main objective of the study is to merge visualization technique, X-ray CT scanning, to classical methods of soil structure quantification, for understanding the role of large-pore networks, i.e. the macropores, in fluid flow and solute transport.

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