David Nicolas Østedgaard-Munck

Ph.d.-studerende, Postdoc

David Nicolas Østedgaard-Munck
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Project title: Characterization and application of nano-porous ion-conductive membranes for energy conversion purposes

PhD student: David Nicolas Østedgaard-Munck

Project period: 01/08-2013 to 31/07-2017

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Anders Bentien

Research section: Biological and Chemical Engineering


Project description:

Energy conversion technology plays a vital role in many industrial applications today e.g. in the conversion of energy from electric into electrochemical as in batteries, or the conversion of kinetic/mechanical into electrical energy as in generators. Converting energy from one form into another, e.g. from electric to kinetic energy, also holds potential for creating alternatives to devices such as vapour compression for cooling cycles.


The aim of this project is to investigate the potential use of nano-porous ion-conductive membranes in an industrial setting. The project is split into two parts. The first is the construction and use of specialised equipment for measuring the electrokinetic and thermoelectric conversion efficiency of nano-porous ion-conductive membranes with respect to electrolytes and concentration.


The second part of the project concerns the application of the membranes. The initial idea is to apply the energy converting ability of the membranes to convert electric energy into kinetic energy and thus use the resulting set-up as a vapour compressor. When this compressor has been characterised, it will be applied in a cooling cycle where the overall efficiency of the cycle will be investigated. Ultimately, the feasibility for larger scale use of this technology will be assessed.


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