Iben Have

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Iben Have


Research profile: My research profile is interdisciplinary across Media Studies, Sound Studies, Digital Humanities, Musicology, Sociology, Aesthetics, and Culture Studies. The focal point of my research is sound and media in different constellations: music, voices and sounds in film, TV, and radio. Audiobooks, multimodal reading, audio design and audio technologies in production, distribution and usage. My primary interest is the interaction between medium, content and reception/use inspired by (post)phenomenology, affordance theory and sociology, but I also include production and institutional perspectives in studies of circuits of communication.  


Teaching profile: I have 17 years of teaching and supervision experience (BA and MA) in both theoretical, empirical and production-based courses. My primary subject is Media Reception Analysis focusing on methodology and practical, empirical projects. At Media Studies I also teach Theories of Media, Culture, and Society and Media Text Analysis. At the department of Digital Design and Information Studies I have taught Audio Design and across the faculty of Arts I have taught several classes in Audiovisual Culture and Communication. I have extensive experience as a master thesis supervisor and as external examiner at KU, AAU and SDU. I have also offered courses and workshops in how to use the digital infrastructure LARM.fm (DIGHUMLAB).


Co-founder and editor of SoundEffects: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience – www.soundeffects.dk


Co-developer of a HTML5-version of the digital archive and infrastructure LARM.fm – www.larm.fm


Managing group member of Digital Humanities Lab (DIGHUMLAB, https://dighumlab.org)


Grants: Danish Council for Independent Research (PhD Grant; Journal Grant; Research Projects 2 Grants (as participant) A Century of Radio and Music in Denmark and High-Tension Aesthetics). AU Ideas/AUFF (Starting Grant; Pilot Center Grant (participant) Literature between Media; Publication Grant).


Advisory board member of Society of Phenomenology and Media. Goodwill Ambassador for Klitgaarden Refuge.


PhD Supervision (main supervisor): Sigrid Nielsen Saabye. Hvad bruges podcasts til – en undersøgelse af udvælgelsen, situationen og motiverne bag podcastlytning (working title) (2015-2018); Vadim Kaylin, Aesthetics and Politics of Participation in Sound Art (2017-2021). Helle Breth Klausen. A Netnographic study of ASMR-videos (2018-2021).


PhD Committees: Jesper Steen Andersen, How to Think Music with Data: Translating from Audio Content Analysis to Music Analysis (IVA, KU 2017); Andreas Ægidius, Håndteringen af musikfiler i krydsfeltet mellem downloading og streaming (Medievidenskab, SDU 2017); Maja Sonne Damkjær, Medialiseret forældreskab: Digitale mediers rolle i overgangen til forældreskabet (chair, AU 2017); Susan Toms, Listening to the Library: Preadolescent student perceptions of downloadable audiobooks on their literacy development (University of New England, Australia 2016); Mette Simonsen Abildgaard, Accesible Radio: Archive, accessibility and materiality in the youth radio programme P4 in P1 (Kulturstudier, SDU 2014); Nina Gram, Når musikken virker – en undersøgelse af lydens mobilisering og mediering i det urbane rum (chair, AU 2013).


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