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Mikkel Jagath Hjelt


Mikkel Jagath Hjelt
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My PhD project is part of a larger research project (The Social Ecology of Radicalization: A Foundation for the Design of CVE Initiatives and Their Evaluation). My research is overall set to investigate the ‘where’ of radicalization. This causes a focus to investigate the functions of radical settings (both offline and online), exposure to radical settings and the emergence of such settings in some locations rather than others. Therefore, my PhD project explores the interplay between social-ecological factors and individual pathways of radicalization (interactions between settings and people).

By highlighting these under-researched topics of radicalization, my project – in cooperation with the larger research project – aims to contribute towards prevention of radicalization. My main supervisor is Lasse Lindekilde, and my co-supervisor is Morten Brænder.


Research Areas and Interests

  • Radicalization and violent extremism
  • Settings and milieus (offline and online)
  • Criminology
  • Prevention of radicalization and violent extremism (both theoretical and practical dimensions)
  • Terrorism
  • Religion and politics
  • Islam
  • Political Islam and militant Islamism

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