Christof Pearce

PhD, Adjunkt

Christof Pearce
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My research is centered around reconstructing past ice conditions (sea ice and land-based ice sheets) and the interplay with climate and ocean conditions in the recent geologic past. I work with marine sediments using a wide variety of methods, mostly micropaleontology (diatoms) and organic geochemistry (biomarkers). 

My primary research deals with the oceanography of the Labrador Sea during the final phases of the last deglaciation and the collapse of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. By studying as many marine sediment records as possible from the East Canadian Margin my aim is to reconstruct, temporally and spatially, glacial meltwater events and their pathways.

Another project I am working on is the reconstruction of past sea ice conditions in the Arctic Ocean, specifically in the East Siberian and Chukchi Seas. Piston cores covering the Holocene and late glacial are studied using a variety of different methods with focus on diatoms and sea ice biomarkers (IP25). 

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