Mohamed Jabloun


Mohamed Jabloun


Cereal crop productivity and nitrogen cycling under climate change


-          Jørgen Jørgen E. Olesen and Kirsten Schelde, Dept. of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark

-          Fulu Tao, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Among the challenges facing crop production are the need to adapt to a warmer and more extreme climate and at the same time to increase productivity and reduce nitrogen (N) losses for protecting the environment. So far, most studies on climate change impacts in agriculture have focused on modeling impact of changes in temperature and rainfall on crop yield. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that climate change and changes in variability and extremes will also affect N cycling and N losses. In this project the role of climate variability and climate change for crop productivity, crop N use and N losses from cereal cropping will be studied using three different approaches: 1) analyzing existing data on crop yield, N-use and N losses from experiments in Denmark and China and relating these to climatic variables, 2) evaluating existing models of crop growth and soil C and N cycling (Daisy) against experiments from Denmark and China, and 3) model-based analyses of climate change impacts and adaptation on crop yield and N-cycling using scenarios for selected sites in Denmark and China and applying an ensemble-based approach.

ID: 44238062