Mathias Lindh Jørgensen



Project title: Screening and selecting antibodies against rare circulating cancer cells

PhD student: Mathias Jørgensen

Project period: 01/08-2013 to 31/07-2016

Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Peter Kristensen

Research section: Biological and Chemical Engineering


Project description:

Cancer cells display vast amounts of genetic mutations leading them to divide, grow and invade neighbouring tissue.  However, not all cancers are restrained within the adjacent tissue but can also change morphology and start to circulate via the blood. These cells are the so-called circulating tumour cells (CTCs) causing the cancer to spread to otherwise healthy tissue. CTCs are rare in a patient sample accounting for about 5-50 cells per teaspoon of blood.


This project is concerned with isolating and characterising CTCs through a screening platform based on the phage display technique. From the phage display technique platform, antibodies will be selected and used for coating microchips. Development of such microchips is a part of a collaboration with engineers from fluid dynamics.

ID: 55723268